please help me decide! *calling all sac bosphore owners!


Jan 22, 2008
Hi all!! so excited that im turning 19 tomorrow :yahoo: and i'll be getting a new bag, but I really cant decide which one to get. I want a bag that i can use it anywhere and still looks young wearing it. I already own mono papillon and a bag similar to mono canvas sologne but bigger.
So the choices are:
- Mono Odeon MM
- Mono Canvas Lockit vertical
- Mono Canvas trouville
- Mono canvas Noe
- Mono Speedy 35
- mono sac bosphore (my fav.)
please help me choose!!!
and are there any sac bosphore owners? because I really want to know if you can weat the bag daily or is it only suits for laptops and work stuff??
thanks all!!!!
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Jul 24, 2006
How are you going to use this bag? That should be your first question. I have the Odeon MM, a Speedy 30, and a Petit Noe. As well as a Pochette Bosphore in Azur. I like them all for different reasons, as they cover different needs. Do you need a cross body bag, what are you carrying? Good luck. Truthfully, you can't go wrong with any of these bags, but you need to look at what and how you are going to use it for.


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Sep 23, 2006
I say get the Speedy or the Noe.
I have a Epi petite noe and love it, it is way casual the way it is a sac you can sling over your shoulder.

Re: Sac Bosphore: I have this bag and purchased it specifically to fit over my Pegase 60. I have used it as a shoulder bag in the past. I do not really consider it overly stylish and I also do not find the bag can be made much shorter than I already have it. It is nice that it has a handle for carrying by hand and the strap for the shoulder. Otherwise it works well for when I do use it, but it ROCKS when I travel thru the airport.

Happy Birthday!


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Jul 9, 2008
I have 2 Bosphores
I love and use them alot as purses. The Gm messenger could fit a computer. I use it as a purse because I find messengers easier and safer, IMHO.The other is a pouchette I think it is small for a guy but I saw alot of men in Europe carrying it.


Jan 22, 2008
thanks a lot for the replies and the birthday wishes!!!
I am adding another option,,, it's LV multicolore speedy....
I have ALWAYS wanted this bag always always. but you see whenever I have the change to choose, I dont know which one to get.

SO I've decided to narrow the options down:

NOE, LOCKIT or MULTICOLORE (which colour? do you guys reckon black looks more fake-y than white??)?
I think odeon and trouville are a bit too small for me coz im 5.5" with average/normal weight. and for sac bosphore, I can just borrow my sister's samua it's almost the same thing right??. and I want a bag that has a design that lasts long, like speedy monogram has been around for decades.

and by any chance do any of you ladies realize that multicolore speedy is out of stock on eluxury and LV web?? will they restock the bag and how much is MC speedy now??

thanks a lot all!!sorry for the long and never ending question.
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