Please help me decide: cafe or truffle for Brief?

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  1. Hi Bal fans, please help me choose! I want to get a Brief (with regular hardware), but am having a tough time deciding between cafe and truffle. Please let me know your opinions! Which leather is nicer and which colour prettier? Both colours will fit well with my wardrobe, so that isn't a problem. Thanks in anticipation!
  2. Definitely's beautiful. Truffle is nice too but all of the leathers I have seen on the cafe have been amazing!!
  3. hmmm I think I need pics of the colors to decide
  4. Thanks for your input Sagranch. The leather quality would be the deciding factor for me, so if the cafes have been nicer that's a pointer in the right direction.

    Jem, on the aterliernaff site, there is a picture of the matelasse in cafe and truffle side by side (atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches). What do you think?
  5. from those pics I actually like Truffle better
  6. I think i want to vote for Truffle if it looks like this one.:yes: I like the gold and truffle combination.:smile:
  7. Truffle for sure.:drool:
  8. Thanks for the pic Nanaz, that is a beautiful bag! I'm getting the regular hardware though, not the gh. I hope my bag will still looks as nice in the regular hardware!
  9. Sorry helen,:p i really think you should see both in person before you decide. :yes: You never know you might change your mind. This happens to me all the time.:shrugs:
  10. I agree too. I LOVE the combination in Truffle. It just 'works' :yes:
  11. Cafe. I like the color better.
  12. I wish I could see them IRL Nanaz, but I live in Australia and the only boutique that sells Balenciaga locally doesn't have these colours. I have to order without seeing them first so it does make purchasing a little difficult:sad:. It does add an element of surprise when the bag arrives though!
  13. Oh i see.:p Well which one do you like the best? Truffle w/GH looks really nice but w/RH is just very blah. I have also seen the Cafe City not the breif. the leather is very yummy and the color is really deep and dark brown, almost like black without any lights. If i find a pic i will post it for you. :yes: Good luck with your decision.:heart:
  14. The Cafe is pretty but I think it is almost TOO dark...every time I go to Barney's I have a hard time telling the differance between Cafe and Black ... could be the lighting there too I guess, but I think I would get Truffle - actually I almost did but then I won an 05 Chocolate :p
  15. Thanks for your advice ladies! Nanaz, if you could find a pic of the cafe to post that would be marvellous:flowers: !