Please help me decide - buy or wait?

  1. I have been staring at a lovely bag from an extremely reliable tPF member about whom I have heard only glowing things for about a week now. This would be my first Birkin. It would be the most expensive bag/article of clothing I own by a factor of 2-3, so I'm having a bit of a struggle in making the leap and deciding if it's the right bag for me. I'd like your honest opinions whether I should go for it or wait for the perfect one to come up (which could be forever!) I am agonizing over this, and really need to just make up my mind and stop dwelling.

    The Pros:
    - wonderful, reliable seller with authentic bag in VG condition
    - very fair price (7K for pre-loved 35 cm Birkin.) I take umbrage with paying a 50-100% markup for a bag, so this is more important from a mental comfort perspective than an actual financial perspective, since I have the funds. I wouldn't pay 2x for my ideal bag, if I were to see it, just out of principle.
    - the size I want
    - I loooove the leather (Evercalf), and I don't see it often. I want something smooth and light, and most of what I see is textured.

    The Cons:
    - it's not my ideal color - I really want black, and it's ebene. This is the biggest factor that I'm hesitating over. It is still certainly a versatile and usable color.
    - timing-wise, while I have the money, I'm going out on maternity leave in late Feb - July if baby stays on schedule, part of which will be unpaid, so this may be a silly indulgence at this point in time
    - also re baby, is it silly to buy an Evercalf Birkin when I'm about to start toting a diaper bag and it will be hanging from a stroller? Is it going to get terribly beaten up? Can H fix it with a spa treatment if it does?

    So, this is my dilemma. What do you think? Go for it or wait? Thanks for your opinion!
  2. First, congratulations on your impending birth!!!!! What a joyful time!!!!

    Second, it is NOT silly to buy yourself this gift even if you are going to be toting a diaper bag.....we have a number of new mommies on the board who have both Baby and Birkin! I think you deserve it, in fact!!!!

    Third, I think Ebene offers a delightful alternative to Black. I was visiting with my friend who has an Ebene Kelly...she does not have a black one preferring the Ebene because its a bit different. Black is black. But Ebene has just that extra bit of....chic. KWIM?
  3. Buy it ! It is a gorgeous cmobination of leather and color....Besides, you won't have any problem selling it, anytime .... And you won't lose money....

    So buy it.... no hesitation !
  4. Congratulations on your baby. They are the best gifts of all.
    A Birkin is a great handbag, and a wonderful push present, but I would wait considering many factors. If it is not the color that is TDF in your opinion, it's not worth purchasing. You might discover that you want to sell it because it is not the color that wows you. Starting off with a Birkin and a baby in MO is going to be a power struggle. Baby accidents and Birkin would definitely clash. Baby is number one, but you want to enjoy your bag, too. I purchased a RL canvas tote with the plastic coating as a b-bag many years ago. I was able to clean up spills, and I even threw it in the washing machine when we had an interior spill. I paid maybe $300 for it so I was not that worried about it being ruined. It survived and I currently use it as a work bag. Here's a picture of it. I would wait for a Birkin, or get on a wait list after baby's arrival. Ordering it will make it a truly special purchase and one that you procured.
    DSC_0094.JPG DSC_0095.JPG
  5. I think ebene is a great color, could be even more versatile than black depending on what you wear a lot. I also like evercalf leather.
    On the baby point, I also think there is nothing wrong with baby + Birkin. There will be times when you may not want to use the Birkin because you will be with your baby, but also other times that you will appreciate the Birkin all the more because of the baby...
  6. By this I mean, you would not be carrying only one bag with you all the time with your baby. And there will be occasions when you would not be with the baby. And, the baby will eventually grow up. If you plan to use the Birkin as "the" diaper bag, then it would be not be the easiest bag to deal with.
  7. I would wait. This is a HUGE purchase and you should get as close to exactly what you want as possible. I'm assuming this is your first child (congratulations!), so you really don't know what your lifestyle is going to be post-baby. I'd put that money in a CD account (so you will have it when the time is right), and wait a few more years.
  8. First, CONGRATULATIONS!! is this your first baby? (HUMAN baby, I mean - this would be your first BIRKIN, obviously!) I ask because in my experience, Birkins and strollers are not a great match. I would worry about damaging the bag. Quite frankly, it's a bit like bringing a toddler with you: you have to watch and manage BOTH the baby in the stroller AND the baby hanging from your stroller/on your arm. It could be cumbersome. I personally prefer to have my hands free, and not worry about my bag.

    Having said the above, I wouldn't NOT get the Birkin on that basis. You will do things without bringing a stroller and a newborn soon enough, and the Birkin will last you a lifetime (and baby's lifetime!). I just wouldn't think of it in terms of a bag you'd carry around with you while handling a newborn and stroller. Massai or Picotin or Evelyn might be better "momming around" bags, because they can be worn messenger style - keeping your hands free. Possibly Lindy too!

    As for ebene - it's versatile and interesting. I am sure you would LOVE the bag... although this is not your only chance. If you have any doubts or reservations - if you have your heart truly fixed on another colour - you may want to pass. Questing for your dream bag can be really satisfying - and if you have 7k to spend, it will be within grasp!

    Again - congrats! And if you *do* get it, please send us lots of pictures!!
  9. ^^ drr - I actually use a garden party tote for those purposes. I just don't worry about it - and it's VERY light!
  10. First of all, congratulations on a great time you are having:shame:!
    Second, S'Mom has said it so right (I can' say it this well with my English:shame: so I'm being a parrot here). Just want to add that ebene is even more versatile color then black IMO. Another thing is that buying this bag now is making a wise purchase:yes:. Yet another PRO: you are saying you don't have many bags in general - this is just perfect to start your Hermes collection! You won't have a headache selling all the "other" bags you won't be loving after Hermes.
    Best of luck!:heart:
  11. I guess, having been through the whole baby thing already I know what I'd do differently if I had to do it all over again........I can't see a new mommy carrying baby, stroller, diaper bag and Birkin all at once either. It's all too cumbersome. And with all the great diaper bag alternatives out there, I'm not sure why you would.

    But I DO know from my own experience that there are plenty of opportunities to carry a Birkin even with a newborn. So, I don't think a baby should be a reason not to buy the bag. I think, in this case, the ONLY reason should be the color. IF you are dead-set against anything other than black and if this is to be your ONLY Hermes bag, then obviously hold off. If not, then consider the following......

    Prices will steadily rise each year.
    When the baby arrives, you will NOT want to spend the kind of money you would need to for a Birkin when a black one in Evergrain should ever cross your path. Believe me. You will think of thousands of reasons why you shouldn't spend the money on yourself. I know. I did it too.

    The opportunity has presented itself now while you have the cash and are willing to spend it on yourself. If you really don't like Ebene, then don't get it. Otherwise, take the can ALWAYS resell it and get your money back if you truly don't like it.
  12. I would wait until you can get exactly what you want.
  13. Thank you so much everyone. I wanted to answer a few questions, and ask another one myself.

    The bag is on eBay, but I've also been in very close contact with the seller here.

    This is my first baby (both human and Birkin-wise). I'm 36 now, so there's a good possibility he will be my only baby. I do expect to carry the bag for years & years, so if it's not in heavy rotation for a bit, that's fine (though I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time staring at it.)

    The Birkin isn't intended at all to be my diaper bag. I have a Not Rational and a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag (so far. Am also looking at a Mia Bossi. I know, I'm ridiculous, but that's why I'm on tPF.)

    So, now my questions:
    - So you think I could find another from a really good seller for 7-8K? That's a big part of what's driving me with this one (that and ooooh, evercalf...)

    - Re ebene, could I carry it when I'm wearing black, or would it look a bit off? I have a reasonable amount of brown, but it's probably 6 pairs of brown pants vs. 15 black, to give an idea of ratio. Ditto for tops.

    - Forgot one: would you go for evercalf or box? I may have found a slightly more expensive one in BLACK box, through all the calls I'm making. I'm trying to work out if I can have a friend go fetch it for me, since it's in another part of the country and the store won't ship. But I hear that evercalf is more supple, lighter, and less prone to show scratches than box. So now it's color I want vs. leather I want...

    Thank you all so much! It's so helpful to have someone to help think through this with. I can't really talk to my friends about buying a 7k bag, so I really appreciate it.
  14. wait for the black, it matches everything..

    brown is nice too: but you once you go black ...

    :hs: m'kay just love this emoticon lol