Please help me decide! Bulga Crescent Bag - Ruched or Not ruched?

  1. I would love some opinions on this... Should I should get this Bulga satchel in the style with ruching/gathering along the top, or the one with a smooth top? Any and all thoughts welcome! :biggrin:

    Note: The one w/out ruching has 2 tassels, the other has only 1.

    Style 1 (Ruched, 1 set of tassels)


    Style 2 (No ruching, 2 sets of tassels)

  2. I like the first one, the second kind of looks like it's pregnant, to me that is
  3. I prefer the ruched one. Cant explain why - something about it seems for appealing.

    icechick - your pregnant comment made me crack up!
  4. #2
  5. I like the first one (with the rouching) the second one looks too plain...
  6. I like #1
  7. the first one. The pocket on the second one looks too busy.
  8. The first one is really attractive. The second one looks like a taco.....but a nice taco, though.
  9. I think the rouched style looks better. It gives the bag a little "something."
  10. I agree with the majority ... the first one looks better, the ruching detail makes the bag a little more interesting.
  11. no. 1
  12. I vote for the first!
  13. I prefer Style 1. :yes:
  14. No: 1.
  15. Another vote for the ruched bag!
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