Please help me decide btw these two bags!!

  1. Hi, there:

    This is my very first post! I'm excited to discover this forum! Can someone help me decide which bag I should keep? Which "style" & color looks better in your opinion??? & more versatile? Thanks a lot! I just can't decide btw the two. The botkier stirrup is more expensive than the 1st bag & both of them are about the same size. I can only afford to keep one!

    #1 is made of leather that scratches & stain easily, but it's made from lightweight soft leather

    #2 is the Botkier stirrup & it's made of pebble leather & it's more stiff.

  2. I love the Botkier stir-up and I love that yellow! I'd pass on that white bag--it's a Kooba--I think...

    Go for the yellow--it's fresh and clean and it'll do better long-term than the white.
  3. I also prefer the Botkier stirrup.
  4. I prefer the Botkier as well.
  5. I much prefer the Botkier- to me the Sienna is a little "played out"
  6. i agree, the botkier. while the yellow is more unique (and i think lovelier) than the white, it's neutral enough.
  7. I'll have to go against the grain on this one - I like the first one, the Kooba :shame:
  8. I like the color of the Botkier..Maybe it's the lighting but it looks like a nice lemoney kid of yellow
  9. Both look really nice but I'd go for the Botkier, because the leather doesn't scratch as easily, and the yellow colour is lovely for spring/summer.
  10. I think Botkier is a fresher bag. I am actually getting tired of the Kooba, I think it's been done 10x over, but what matters really is what you like best.
  11. There are also LOTS of Kooba knockoffs, inspireds, copies, etc.
  12. hhahaha that doggy in the backyard is so cute! "please let me in? stop taking pictures of your bags and let me in!!!" not really a fan of either bags so i'm really of no help sorry!
  13. I personally like the Kooba because the color seems more versatile. But, they both look great. I know, I"m not much help.
  14. i agree with most opinions here. the botkier is much nicer in style and look IMO, and the yellow is neutralish while will hide dirt much better, and is a lovely colour.
  15. Botkier all the way. what a yummy buttery yellow.