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Which hardware for claire beige caviar jumbo flap bag?



Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. GHW for sure.
  2. i saw the pic n feel that light beige with shw makes the bag look 'sick' or pale. no offense, just what i feel abt the color combination
  3. cant edit my msg so have to create this new post......i am not sure if there is 2 types of GHW for beige but i will go for the lighter gold with beige which will make the bag looks outstanding. i havent seen the yellow gold yet but that might be more mature and depends on the person's skintone or dressing huh.i only know black has 2 types of GHW but no idea abt beige. end of the day depends on what u want. i like a watch with rose gold when i know stainless steel is a choice for most lady. end up i still get the rose gold because it compliment my skin tone well and everyday i look at it, i am happy. hahahaha. so do what yr heart says.
  4. SHW... This what I opted for when selecting my beige caviar jumbo :smile:
  5. GHW...:woohoo:
  6. GHW. It is what I have and I love mine to pieces. Congrats on your beige with silver though!
  7. I prefer gold with beige.
  8. gold hardware~~
  9. Shw..
  10. I am not a lover for GHW but when it comes to beige and brown, I think GHW goes very well with it. I'm voting for GHW definitely!
  11. I have the one with GHW and I love it. The gold defenitely stands out. My vote goes to GHW.
  12. Personally I find the beige stands out more with GHW.:biggrin:
  13. I love it with GHW.
  14. I love the Gold! I feel like the pinky-ness of the beige compliments the gold hardware very well. Makes it very elegant and ladylike ;)