Please help me decide ! Boy woc vs Envelope clutch vs mini flap

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  1. Hi guys , i am currently looking for a small bag / clutch since its easier for me to carry around during the summer . I have my eyes on the fushia boy woc , which i could wear it cross body , the envelope clutch ; which has a chain and a lot bigger than the woc but can not be worn cross body . The last one is the mini flap , which i am meh about because i'm 5'6 and it just seems too small for me . What do you guys think , which one would you choose ? Thanks ! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398043849.185152.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398043862.475056.jpg

    Ps. These are pictures i got from other people's post ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398044046.761361.jpg
  2. Fuchsia boy woc!
  3. agreed!!! :smile:
  4. i like the fuschia boy woc too. good luck deciding
  5. Another vote for the fuchsia boy WOC. Second choice is the mini:smile:) good luck
  6. First one!
  7. Do you have any other smaller bags? If not, I'd say WOC is most practical!

    I can't stop using mine! After I got my WOC, I don't want to switch back to my old wallet!
  8. Boy WOC!! So cute :smile:
  9. Boy woc! I personally like woc over CWC cause it can be cross body!
  10. Thanks ladies ! I like the woc too, but its so hard to get one . I have called my sa from neiman marcus but she said they're not getting any patent leather ones , only the black caviar.
  11. Boy WOC or mini... Mini hard to find though at times and dependent on color....
  12. I think boutique and NM all get metallic boy WOCs

    My local NM and boutiques all have them about 2 wks ago. There might still be hope if you really want one!

    Just keep close eyes on authentic find threads. I thought some TPFers reported spotting some at NYC
  13. I prefer the mini because it holds more than a woc and smaller than cwc. But a mini cannot really be used as a clutch so in your case a boy woc.
  14. The first one!

  15. I saw an orange patent mini at my local NM but i didnt like the color . Im still in the process of finding a fuchsia boy woc .