Please help me decide! botignolles horizontal or Neverfull MM??

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  1. hello,

    I have purchased my first LV last January (Speedy 30) and I am hooked. I am carefully analyzing what my next bag should be. Please help me decide. Its only between a neverfull mm or a batignolles horizontal. Which one would you recommend? I really like both styles. The batignolles is a bit more expensive than the neverfull and the only thing that I am not so happy about the neverfull are the straps on the side. Any inputs would help. Thanks :smile:
  2. I love my Neverfull MM..but since you dont like the straps on the side of it, then go for the's a really nice bag Plus theres a zipper!
  3. I vote for the BH
  4. I have both and I get WAY more milage out of the Neverfull, it's just an easier bag to wear ! :yes:
  5. i vote for the BH. personally i do not like the handles on the neverfull, look kinda cheap to me (IMO). plus i do not like how the neverfull has an open top, being such a big bag and all.
  6. I went through the same thing but went with the BH. I am so glad that I did. I love my BH to bits....I've always wanted to say that, the "to bits" part.
  7. I recently bought a BH. I decided not to get Neverfull because a) it is less structured and has more of a "young" look, while I dress more classic b) the handles are quite thin and I carry my laptop a lot, so I worried that it would be uncomfortable on my shoulder. However, Neverfull is a deeper bag, and I don't love the buckles on BH because they reduce how much stuff you can fit in the bag by pinching the top, even on the loosest notch. Despite that, I can still fit a laptop and some papers as well as all my "purse" stuff, no problem. Both are great bags- it comes down to your style and how you feel about the handles.
  8. Neverfull MM, I LOVE IT!:graucho:
  9. The BH and the neverfull have the same closure. Both open tops with a hook closure. My vote would be for the neverfull!
  10. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull so I'd say go for the BH.
  11. I vote for the BH ... I have the Neverfull MOCA in MM and used it once ... the straps hurt my shoulder.
  12. i've had both and really like the neverfull. the BH is a beautiful bag, but is too long for me. i like how the neverfull can be "thrown around" a bit without getting dirty.
  13. I prefer the Batignolles
  14. I like both bags, but I like the BH better!
  15. I'd go for the BH