Please Help Me Decide - Bordeaux Reissue Or Grey 2.55 (collector's Item)


Grey 2.55 or Bordeaux Reissue both in large

  1. Grey 2.55

  2. Bordeaux Reissue

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  1. I have two bags on hold and I dont' know which to get. :s

    The SA told me the Bordeaux is the large resissue with the distressed leather.

    The grey one is the large original 2.55 (2005), and she said it was the anniversary bag (more of a collector's bag).

    Which would you get and why?

  2. I know that I would definitely go for the grey reissue but that's a purely personal choice at the end of the day.
  3. They're both nice, I just prefer the color of the Bordeaux. I think its stunning. And not an easy color to find.

    Personally, the Grey seems kind of drab to me. I guess maybe it depends on your coloring/complexion/skin tone. I'm a pasty-white woman with brown hair, and I don't find the Grey very flattering on me! I'm sure it would look lovely on some other ladies, though.
  4. I voted for Grey - I like the grey colour more than the Bordeaux
  5. Yay! Congrats on finding 2 reissues!!! Umm, geez this is a tough one...I LOVE the Bordeaux color...WOW! Grey is ok...I don't hate it/nor do I love it...I think it's nice. The thing with the grey one that would appeal to me is that it's a collector bag 2005!! That would probably kill me! LOL!!! I'm a big collector though!:yes:

    Tough call (if it were me)...bordeaux which is WOW! Or grey collector 2005 WHOA!! Love that!! Ugh...WHEW! Geez, I guess it depends how big a collector you are ...if that appeals to you...If not...then go w/ what color u like best and can be used more.

    As for what I'd choose.....I already have a red bag (LV epi speedy) soooooo knowing me I'd go with the collector 2005! But again, that's just me....OR maybe the bordeaux??? The color is TDF!!!!!!!!:drool: Geez, I don't know...Look at it this way whichever you choose they are both awesome reissue bags!!!!!!!!!!

    LOADS of Luck!!!!!!;)
  6. I didn't vote...cuz I had no idea...:confused1:

    But now that I thought 1 more sec. more...I'd go w/ the grey 2005 collector reissue! The fact that it's the 2.55...collector reissue kills me!! So I'm off to vote for the grey reissue!! LOL!!
  7. the grey is stunning.the Bordeaux will really add a touch of color to your outfit. you really can't go wrong with either color. do you already have a bag in either color? if so, select the color you do not have.
  8. I have the grey and love it, but boy is the bordeaux gorgeous! I would love to have one (was fondling one in Saks the other day LOL). Either one would be fabulous!
  9. i love both bags, but if only one to pick, i'll choose the grey.
  10. Ooohh--tough call!

    I think both are gorgeous bags. I voted for the bordeaux because I really love that colour. The grey is beautiful as well, but it isn't a great colour on me. If it works for you, grab it!

    Hmmm...can you get BOTH??? :nuts:
  11. I voted for the grey. I love the color with the silver chain. And I love that it's a collector's piece!
  12. They are both gorgeous. I think the gray will match more. I love the dark red tone of the bordeaux though for a dash of color.
  13. I had my name on the waitlist for the first three re-issues, (grey, white and black), however, when I saw them in person they just weren't for me. When I went to pick up my black metallic goatskin bowler and saw the bordeaux re-issue I was about ready to change my mind and get that instead of the bowler - it's an amazing bag and the color is beautiful.
  14. I love both colors but prefer the bordeaux over the grey. So if you can only get one, I would choose the bordeaux. It's a really stunning color. Greys are a bit tougher and this one has a lilacy undertone so may be a bit more limiting.
  15. Update -

    I ordered the Jumbo Grey 2.55. It should be here by Wednesday. I can't wait to get it and I hope it's everything I'm expecting.

    I just thought I would like the collector's item more. I recently bought the 85th Anniversary Gucci bag with matching wallet. I love to collect unique and limited bags.

    Thanks to everyone for their input.

    Special thanks to Edna and Molls for their help.