Please HELP me decide between violet step and city!! Cr**py pics included >>>

  1. First of all - I'm really sorry about the bad phone pics. My digi cam is charging but I need to know by Monday... :sweatdrop:

    Here's my dilemma. I didn't think I would like violet in real life, not wearing purple much, preferring cool toned colors, etc. THEN I dropped by my boutique (in the cr**piest outfit ever, spontaneously) and there was a violet Bbag which was the STEP
    :nuts: Below are a few phone pics (please disregard the outfit :push::push:.

    I thought it was perhaps too small for me, but then I didn't think that about the city I have? A few phone pics below...

    You can also see my collection so far.
    Which bag would be better for me you think? Files I can put in both. The Step might double for going out. I'm casual at heart but work in a professional legal environment. Help? :crybaby:


    THANK YOU! :tup:
  2. Here goes...:push:
    city.jpg city-arm.jpg step-arm.jpg step-fromside.jpg step-fromtheside.jpg
  3. South - I'm personally prefer the city style to the step. But - the step sounds like it would be a perfect bag for work. And it looks like it will hold more than the city.

    I know I'm not being much help :sad:

    I suppose if I had to pick one, I would go with the city
  4. Sorry, too many pics and smilies in the first post :hysteric:
    what do you think... honestly!!

    Or perhaps suggest another size altogether, but I don't know if I can get others.
  5. My vote is definitely for the Violet City since the Step is quite a bit smaller than the City and (even though I thought that it would at first) would therefore not suit my needs.Good luck deciding and can't wait to see pics, Soth-of-France!:yes::heart:
  6. I'd go with the violet STEP dear lil sis 'C' south.... :tup::yes: b/c it's more special as the city and you can wear her over the shoulder (more comfortable!) ! It's my opinion only.

    Good luck with your decision :flowers:- please keep us updated ;)
  7. Ohhh, I didn't see your pics! :tender:The Step looks really good on you!!:heart: I think you should go for the Step now! :p
  8. Aww livethelake, MarieG and big sis firstclass1! Thank you so much! :heart:
    (Interestingly I was sure that 90 percent of you would prefer the city! But that's exactly why I posted it, sometimes you look at yourself in a distorted sort of way lol :shame:smile: :yes:

    Keep your opinions coming... TIA!!!

  9. Yeeaahhh I think the same way Marie :yahoo::yes: can't wait to know your decision 'C' south..... ;)
  10. hmmm.... I'd pick the city over the step any day... but here from what you have said... work, professional legal environment... I vote for STEP... it somehow seems to me not as casual and funky as the city... step is more... well, the structured shape and all... just stands out to me as a work bag more than the city! hth! oh btw, mind if I ask if you're a lawyer?
  11. ^:yes: (and a PhD lol ;))... I guess it's work hard, play hard! With bags, that is :angel:

    Thank you for posting! I'm still young(er), I don't look matronly with the step, right?

  12. OMG! really? wow! ok, OT but I've been admitted for one month now... I loved EU law when I did a paper on it at law school! you are in france right?! lol! or is it just the user name?... sure is work hard and play hard! thats my motto on my MSN as well! no wonder you can afford soooooo many new bags in one go! lawyer with a PhD = a closet ful of Bbags!
  13. I think that the Step suits you better in your photos. I like the way that the top edge is narrower. It flows better with the body, if you see what I mean. The Step also looks smarter for work. (Neither bag makes you look Matronly!)
  14. ^lol ali! It's not that bad (with the closet), plus they come and go...

    Congrats on being admitted!! :tup: I'm in Switzerland :smile:

    Any more opinions on step vs. city?

    EDIT Thank you Jenova!!!
  15. I will definitely go for the city. It can be used for work (cost it can fit in files) and for casual.