Please help me decide between these two outfits =)

  1. Hello all! I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm going to a wedding in early November. The reception starts at 5pm.

    So, here is my dilema.... Although I like the blue dress better, it cost is $100 which is a bit high for me.

    Outfit 2 is ok too but the plus side is that it only cost me $11 for the dress and i just put a shirt i already owned on top with a belt (two diff belts pictured) that I already owned as well.

    both dresses are silk.

    Please help me decide =) Thanks!!
    Photo 11.jpg Photo 13.jpg Photo 94.jpg
  2. THE BLUE DRESS FOR SURE =) ESP. SINCE IT'S FOR A WEDDING ! you can always use this dress agian =)
  3. blue dress for sure!
  4. The blue dress looks much nicer.

    BUT if it's out of your price range, I would wear a different, less casual shirt over the black dress.
  5. The blue dress is cute
  6. definitely the blue dress. The other outfit looks like a work outfit.
  7. i think the blue dress would be nice for a wedding. the other outfit is too causal
  8. blue dress gets my vote.
  9. Blue!
  10. blue dress
  11. blue, you can use it for the next event you need to go to, it will save you from buying something else.
  12. HEy everyone! Thanks for all the input. The black skirt/dress thingie isn't actually casual at all. i know the picture doesn't show it but the black skirt balloons out and it's silk.

    I'm still torn though =/ I wanna save up for my next handbag purchase =)
  13. The blue dress is nicer.
  14. I like the blue dress too, the other outfit looks to casual for a wedding IMO. But at the end the desition its up to you. good luck.
  15. Since it's a wedding you'll be attending..I say go for the blue dress. The other outfit is cute...but maybe a tad too casual for a wedding.