Please help me decide between these two bags!


Which non-flap Chanel bag do I choose?

  1. Black Baby Cabas

  2. Black Crinkled Patent Luxe Bowler

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  1. I am fairly new to Chanel and have three flaps that I absolutely adore! They are black metallic reissue 226, light silver reissue 226, and black caviar e/w with old chain (my fav!). I am ready for my first non-flap Chanel. I have narrowed it down to either the black baby cabas or the luxe bowler that will be released soon. My SA tells me this will be black crinkled patent, not non-patent as I had hoped. Which do you think? Black baby cabas or black crinkled patent luxe bowler? Thanks for helping!
  2. Black baby cabas
  3. Black Baby Cabas gets my vote :wlae:
  4. black baby cabas, I have one, it's a great bag!!
  5. Black Baby Cabas!
  6. Black baby cabas :yes:
  7. Black Baby Cabas!
  8. I just got a black Baby Cabas last week and love it to pieces.
    BUT the bowler's a very different look - I'd be interested to see what the black patent looks like!
  9. Black crinkled Luxe Bowler !:tup:that IMO would be a very classy bag!While I like cabas too it's been widely faked and has been out for much longer!Also the luxe bowler matches with any outfit from jeans to eve dresses!:yes: Keep us posted on your decision!:smile:
  10. The black crinkled Luxe bowler sounds intriguing!
  11. cabas!
  12. Black baby cabas most def!
  13. If you need a roomy bag: the baby cabas will be prefect!
  14. BOWLER :upsidedown:
  15. Black baby cabas!