Please help me decide between these gorgeous medium flaps


Jan 23, 2023
Hello. I still do not have a black CF and probably will try to get one this year. I do have an iridescent black CF that can look like black, navy, or purple depending on the lighting. I wear it with black or navy. I agree that it is not a true black so it is not as versatile as a black CF. I enjoy using it nevertheless. In fact, I used it today.



Mar 17, 2023
I have 5 chanel bags (light beige, dark beige, silver, black Gabrielle, and dark blue) but for some reasons I dont have a black classic flap lol. With the crazy price hike, I’ve finally decided to get a black one in medium size. After searching for days, I found these 3 gorgeous babies all at very reasonable price.
Black lambskin with rose gold HW
View attachment 5740779

Iridescent purple (stunning)
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And caviar dove grey with silver HW (my perfect kind of combination)
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My heart really goes for the iridescent one but somehow I feel like I need a black classic flap (also that’s what I wanted to buy at the beginning), I already have a Celine Triomphe and Hermes Evelyne in black…. Its not that I dont have any black bags.

Anyways, please please let me know what you think? Maybe Im destined to not own a black classic flap .
If you already have black bags and you're not convinced to buy the black CF, then I would go for grey!
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Mar 10, 2012
I have the classique triomphe and black CF, I think they're different enough to have a black CF in your collection. Triomphe is more casual and trendy, whereas the CF is dressier and more classic. I personally don't find the medium CF to be heavy at all, and I'm not even strong or lift weight on a regular basis, it's just like any other leather bags. You can't really put much in a medium CF anyway so not like your items would add much more weight to it.
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