Please help me decide between the two!

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  1. I'm looking to buy my 2nd Chanel and it's between the a black caviar GST with silver hw or the patent chevron maxi (pic attached). Which would you choose? I already have a black caviar m/l. I want something timeless. I'm leaning towards the maxi but do you think since it's patent and the chevron pattern it's more trendy than timeless looking? TIA

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  2. I'd prefer the chevron.
    It's more special and stunning.
  3. I would suggest GST, if you want the bag to be timeless. Personally, I find the chevron pattern is over the top. Subtle, simple yet elegant design normally lasts much longer. Hope this help.
  4. depends if u hv other causal bags already. if u do, go for the chevron.
  5. Oh I love the chevron. Its definitely on my wishlist.
  6. Oh love the chevron!
    Chevron is definitely on my list
  7. Chevron!
  8. Ahem....I guess you can tell by my avi which I'm going to choose. ;)

    I say Chevron for sure. It's such a timeless beauty with a unique modern twist. You can always get the GST down the line too.
  9. Patent Chevron for sure, so beautiful
  10. I think the patent chevron is gorgeous and consider that it's already a classy and timeless bag. It's also a bit unusual, which makes it also very special. Good luck in your decision!
  11. I'm not very found of Chevron so I would go for anything except that.
  12. My opinion, since you've already a flap in black for more semiformal/formal wear, get a GST for more casual and easy look! : D
  13. Chevron,I'm not a fan of the GST
  14. I am going to say GST also i just purchased a PST and its perfect for everything !
  15. Chevron Maxi