Please help me decide between HH and Tano bags

  1. HI All!

    I'm not sure which bag I should get... I wish I could get them all, but I can't. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me make a decision. :yes:

    lorca plum.jpeg
    Hayden Harnet Lorca in plum
    mercer clutch.jpeg
    Hayden Harnet Mercer clutch
    mercer clutch luggage.jpeg
    Mercer clutch in luggage
    salina pouch luggage.jpeg
    Salina pouch in luggage

  2. I have to say..I love both lines, but I love TANO better. For the price and quality, it is fantastic..go for it
  3. I say HH - either the Lorca or Salinas. My first choice would be the Lorca, just because I love the plum color!!
  4. Ditto! I just got the HH Nico XX hobo in amethyst - which is the same color as the plum according to the girl at HH - and the leather is so yummy. The color is TDF!! :heart::heart::heart:
  5. I love both lines, but HH leather feels so much more wonderful to me. I LOVE my Lorca!
  6. Hayden Harnett's leather is to die for. I just put a code in the Deals and Steals section for 15% off at HH.
  7. I really like Hayden Harnett's bags, I have a Nico xx, it is well made and has the silkiest leather!
  8. I have the Nico bag in black and I so want the amethyst!!!!!!!!!:love:
  9. The HH Lorca in plum is adorable, but looks a little too small for everyday for me. I love love love the Tano- it looks real roomy and comfy too!
  10. I vote for Hayden-Harnett. They have superior quality. The leather, the stitching, the lining, the hardware, everything is nice. You can tell when you get one in hand.

    I like Tano too. But it's a matter of personal style - what I notice is that Tano bags have a more casual style than HH. They do not have cotton or twill linings in the bags, but nylon. The stitching is not as neat either. However, if I wear my Abercrombie&Fitch or American Eagle Outfitter clothes a Tano bag will be more suitable than a Hayden-Harnett bag IMO. So I guess it's really up to your need.
  11. i would go w/ the HH just b/c i've been craving for a HH bag myself ;)
  12. I looked at the TANO bag myself on a website the other day from loveeeee them!
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I really love the looks and colours of the HH bags... I'm sure I will end up getting a HH bag, but I'm unsure of which one. I really want a durable bag for the spring/summer, and I'm so excited about getting a LEATHER bag. I've never had one before. :yahoo:

    What colours do all of you prefer to wear in the Summer?
  14. Hayden-Harnett bags are gorgeous. They're my new favorite.
  15. HH!!! The Salina is such a cool bag because it's surprisingly roomy for how compact it looks. Anthropologie currently has the Salina in Cranberry (a gorgeous not too bright red) onsale down from $298 to $200. They made a mistake and put the back of the bag as the "front" photo on the website. If you click on the zoom/additional views you'll see the front to confirm that its the Salina bag.
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