PLEASE.. Help me decide between Delightful PM/MM or Neverful MM?

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  1. Please help me with this hard choice. Im thinking about the neverfull MM, I had the GM and sold it because it was a little too big for me. But now the Delightfull popped up in my mind and now I am loving this bag a lot. I can buy a Delightful PM pre-owned in great condition for 490 euro. Or should I buy a new one for 730 euro? The MM is 830 euro. Thanks a lot for your help :smile:!
  2. I think if you choose the delightful, then get the MM - (and I say this being a pm size gal ;) ) - I have the NF MM and its a workhorse - I think it depends on the style you are going for - tote or hobo - the good thing is - you can't go wrong!! :smile: