Please help me decide between an '07 Paprika City vs. '08 Grey

  1. I have been wanting an '07 Paprika City for the longest time and finally came across one in mint condition! :nuts: The only thing that's holding me back from clicking the BIN is the '08 Grey that's coming this Fall. I've been saving for the Grey and don't know if I should get the Paprika because I don't want to spend what I've got saved up, but Paprika is soooo hard to find.:sad: I don't know what to do? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. which will you use more (more practical) and what colors do you currently have?
  3. I currently have 4 Cities: '07 Black, '07 Plomb, '06 Ink and '05 Dolma. I need a little color to add to my collection and have been in love with the Paprika since last Fall, but I really want a Grey City to replace the '05 Grey Twiggy that I sold.:sad: I would use both colors but really can't afford both.
  4. Well personally, I'd go for the grey..but it seems like you already have a couple of darker bags and that you are set on the Paprika. You also said that the Paprika was hard for you to find and especially in mint condition, so I say go for can start saving up again and get that 08 grey in the future !! :tup:
  5. i say go for the Paprika so you can add some color to your collection =) Since it's hard to find, you should take advantage of this opportunity.
  6. I'd say go for the Paprika as well, since it is harder to find and not a colour you currently have. Good luck!
  7. Seems like it would be easier to find a Grey later...I vote for Paprika! :tup:
  8. Get Paprika (you don't have anything similar in your collection!) and perhaps look at selling your plomb to fund a grey.

    I love my 07 Rouille.
  9. Paprika!!! The Grey will be available later!
  10. i'd go for paprika because there will be tons of grey...i'm sure '08 grey is not the last grey balenciaga is willing to produce but paprika will add a nice pop of color in your dark collection.
  11. I also vote for the Paprika since you've been hunting for it for so long... Since the greys that are coming out are for the f/w season, you would have time to save up for those, should you decide to get one as well. Also, you've seen the paprika and know you love it, but you haven't seen the greys yet so it's possible that you might not even like it, so no point in giving up a sure love now!

    Good luck with your decision though! Let us know what you decide!
  12. you have 3 bags that can be considered in the grey family, and you can get more later... GET THE PAPRIKA!!!!
  13. yeah you already have alot of grey-ish bags... plus we dont really know what the o8 grey will look like. there's always a big "OOOOHHH-la-la" when we hear about the new season colors, and many times that's followed by "awwww man!" when the colors do come out LOL

    you know you love paprika, so i say go for that. if the o8 gray ends up being fabulous you can always sell something from your collection :yes:, but you might not be able to retrieve a paprika if you wait til then.
  14. Paprika! It's pretty hard to come across one... you'll have other chances for grey.
  15. I am a Grey lover ....but the Paprika would definitely add more to your collection, so I am going to have to vote for that one! I agree that maybe selling one of your existing bags would be a great way to be able to do both!

    Let us know what you choose