Please help me decide between a John Hardy bracelet or Tiffany necklace :)

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
  2. My vote is for the smile pendant but maybe I'm not the best person to answer this one because in general, I'm not too big into the style of John Hardy's pieces.
  3. if you flip a coin, does the result make you happy or feel lilke you have to flip again? Definitely don't settle.

    Bracelets are great becuase you can see them and enjoy them all day without looking in a mirror. Necklaces will get more attention because they are closer to your face. Becuase they are such focal, imo they pull an outfit together way more than a bracelet will.

    Good luck with your choice!
  4. Love the smile necklace. They are def very different styles.... Prob get the one that you'd wear most!
  5. I'd pick the bracelet because I feel like it is not going to end up being dated (I love the T collection, but I think it will someday scream '2015'). Both are beautiful though, and I don't think you can go wrong!
  6. Try both of them on again and decide from there. I personally like the T smile more. I have tried it on and I think it is such a versatile piece.
  7. Normally I would immediately jump and say buy Tiffany. However, the smile has not been proven to be a classic where the Hardy is. I would chose the bracelet or a different Tiffany piece.
  8. John Hardy really isn't John Hardy, he sold his business years ago. Tiffany is over priced and not the prestige brand it once was. IMO I wouldn't buy either, both are overpriced for silver.
  9. These are both lovely choices, totally different look and feel between the two. John Hardy silver is always so nicely weighted and substantial, perfect for everyday. The tiffany necklace is clean and simple, also perfect, if that is your style. I guess I'm no help. I wouldn't suggest both though. I think you would be better off deciding which is really your personal style and build on that. So whichever one you choose, you could eventually add on from the same collection. I don't think these two go together. Maybe you're not quite ready to make a commitment?