Please help me decide - Anais or Victorine?

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  1. Hi guys!

    I want to buy a smaller wallet and I've managed to trim down my options to the Anais or Victorine. Both are in the same price range and able to lay bills flat.

    I love the design and pop of color of the Victorine, but I've heard a lot of complaints about quality issues (coin compartment not spacious enough, card slots too tight, glazing issues, etc). Though I love love love the design and layout, the numerous quality issues may just cause me a lot of headaches in the future.

    I like the Anais but the design seem a bit too manly for me. It doesn't attract me the same way the Victorine does. It's definitely more practical though.

    It would be my first LV wallet and thus, I want it to be a workhorse, as I don't intend to change wallets that often. Which one would be more suitable for me? Anyone out there who can attest to Victorine's quality issues?
  2. I'm exactly in the same boat as you and so I'm following this thread with interest
  3. Sorry, I can tell that my victorine have all that issues you say and I brought it back in store. I was very disappointed and sad. Wait for 1 year and see if the problems are repealed. A lady here told me, that she make it so. Maybe what do you think over the Helene? I found it very cute. I wish you a good luck to decide.

    When it have no issues in future, than I vote for victorine.
  4. High five! Choosing an LV SLG is such a hard decision! I'm looking for a smaller wallet for my smaller bags but I can't help eyeing the Emilie wallet too.. Ughhh so confused!
  5. That's too bad about the Victorine! The Helene is cute, but I'm bothered by the open bill flap on one side. Makes me paranoid that my money will spill out. What do you think about the Anais?
  6. ______________
    I'm also on the same boat as you, I have narrowed it down to those two wallets as well, I have added both on my wish list. I do like the Victorine over the Anais regardless of the feedback everyone has on it. I would probably go on a hunt for preloved, but no luck for me, so I may have to try to get a brand new one. Good luck though! :smile:
  7. I have the emilie. It's a great wallet as it is full-sized but is slim. It fits into my twinset nicely. However is a tight fit in my alma BB and Gucci soho hence my quest to find a compact wallet. If LV comes out with a compact wallet in empreinte the size of the Victorine/anais then there is no question.
  8. The compact curieuse is not compact enough unfortunately. I've tried it in the store. I want something even more compact
  9. Hm..I see the Anais in shop but the little coin purse behind is also very small. When you have no coins or not as much, than I think it is o.k. For that price I do not want it and it looks a little boring to me (because I wanted a victorine with fresh colour) . In the end I bought me a similar from Michael kors with a pop of colour. Maybe later victorine when the problems away. I hope I can help. When you can look in store and test the victorine. Maybe she is
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    I have the anais wallet and I enjoy it. As to me it's the biggest size wallet I would use. It fits in all the bags I would want to carry it in. Speedy, neverfull, pochette metis, even fits in a m/l flap. I really enjoy not having to fold my bills. I hardly ever use bills or coins but i appreciate it there as a "just in case" scenario that I do receive coins. The only thing I did not like too much is that the coin slot is on the outside.

    I have had this for a year and it looks perfect. It has the gold tone brass button, ive heard those colored buttons wear a lot faster. Another thing I would worry about on the Victorine is the leather pull seems more flimsy. But that's just my guess from looking.

    I wanted something to be even more compact since I mainly use cards 99% of the time. So I picked up a YSL card holder. I considered the Rosalie coin purse also.

    I would say yes anais is very functional. But get what you would love and enjoy you use.
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  11. I was in a dilemma too but i ended up getting victorine coz i was attracted to the color and the size is smaller than anais. I also like the cards will be in upright position when i am taking my notes as opposed to anais where the cards will be in the other direction ( i hope i made myself clear ). As for the card slots, mine was very stiff at first but it has since got better. The coin compartment is a bit small but it is ok for me. Wear and tear... I cannot comment much for i just bought it abt a month ago. Hth.
  12. In my country, the waitlist for the Victorine is very long.. They can't say how long I need to wait. I may just as well add my name on the waitlist, as the Anais is only available in DE and DA at the moment, and I wanted the mono. Did you manage to get the Victorine right away, or did you have to wait?

  13. Me too! I'm jumping on too coz I want a smaller wallet!
  14. Yup, i managed to get the last one available at the boutique. Mine is in fuschia. Check out just jennifer youtube video. She did an awesome review. That vid actually made me decide to get the wallet.