Please help me decide - Alyona or Hudson!

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I am trying to decide on whether to purchase a 2007 calfskin Alyona or a Hudson (lined with teal leather). I am not purchasing this bag to fill any particular need, but I have never seen either in person. If you own either (or both) of these bags, I would love your opinion on how they look in person, how heavy they are, their dimensions/bulkiness etc. I own an '06 Stam and find that it's rather heavy to carry, though beautiful to look at.

    Thanks so much!

    MJ Aloyna

    MJ Hudson
  2. Both are Classics, yet very different styles!
    I never owned one of them, but I know the Hudson is heavy. I still for it as i love the style
  3. i love the look of the Alyona
  4. I own the Alyona and I love it. I think it's more versatile than the Hudson. The leather is extremely durable and it looks great with almost anything. The downside is that it's pretty heavy - but you can always detach the chain and that brings the weight down a whole lot.
  5. they're actually very similar styles. Both are an A-line satchel divided into three sections. The Alyona has a centered section that zips with two open sections in the front & back, while the Hudson is open in the middle, with zippered sections in the front & back.

    I guess which you decide might depend on two things, (1) do you need a shoulder strap option? if so, you might rule out the Hudson, as it can't be comfortably over the shoulder for any length of time (unless you have tiny arms, but most people find that it's strictly as hand held bag). The Alyona has the longer chain that can be used as a shoulder strap if you need that option; and (2) if the weight might bother you. I know you said you like heavy bags, but the Hudson is might heavy (heavier than the stam). I find the fully leather lined version a little bit lighter than the partially canvas lined Hudsons, but it's still pretty heavy.

    You also may not want to deal with some of the issues that some people have had with striping bags in general - while not everyone has experienced this, some people have had problems with the handles of the Hudson (splitting) and the grommets coming loose (this happens w/all striping bags, not just the Hudson). I'm not saying it's inevitable that either one of those things would happen, but more than one person has had those issues, while I've heard few, if any, issues with the Alyona

    I actually owned both bags for a while, but ultimately let go of my Alyona and kept my Hudson. There's just something about the Hudson that I've always been drawn to, esp a fully leather lined Hudson!!
  6. iluv summed it really well! (as usual!:P) Get both!

  7. :yes::greengrin:
  8. Alyona!
  9. alyona! had it and loved it
  10. Just like Iluv, I owned both the Alyona and the Hudson. I kept the Hudson and added two more Hudsons. I think it is very unique and classy. So is the Alyona, but there is something about the Hudson that is really eye-catching.

    Both are heavy. Its the price that is paid to carry a unique and beautiful bag.
  11. I don't think you can go wrong with either (as long as you are prepared for the weight). A fully leather lined Hudson is pretty hard to come by so maybe you could get that first and get the Alyona later if you want.
  12. I had that exact Alyona and it is really beautiful. Personally what I didn't love about it was the front & back compartments have no closure what-so-ever. No magnet, etc. When I carried it by the shoulder strap, the front compartment just seemed to fall open in an odd way. This obviously does not happen when you carry it by the handles because holding it by the handles keeps the bag "together". I also had the worst time trying to find my stuff in that bag with the 3 large compartments!! LOL! Also, it is very heavy, I guess the additional weight may be from the three separated fully lined compartments. It is much heavier than my stams, but it is a really beautiful, impressive looking bag. I got tons of compliments when wearing it. The leather seemed much more indestructible than some other MJ's I have owned.
    I have never had a Hudson, but have tried other bags from the striping line.
    Good luck!
  13. i like the look of the alyona better personally
  14. I will vote for Hudson. I love both but Alyona seems a bit similiar to Stam which you have - quilted leather, the shape, etc.

    I own a hudson and it is quite heavy especially not being able to carry it on my shoulders. I am not sure the exact weight but I feel it is heavier than my Stam.

    Good luck! You won't go wrong with either of them.
  15. I vote Alyona :heart: I love the quilting in this style :love: