Please Help Me Decide / Ali Or Shoulder Bag?

  1. which do you like better and why. I just can't seem to make the decision and I am afraid that they will all be gone before i decide. please help.
  2. Shoulder, I like being able to get into my bags fast, I don't like flaps of any kind. I have the Soho Black Flap and now my 14 yr old uses it, drives me nuts to have to pull the flap back, then sometimes my bag would fall over on the counter. .....All a matter of personal taste I guess.
  3. I have and love the shoulder. I love the Ali too, and it may be my next Coach. Have you tried them on at the store? You can tell which one will suit your daily needs the best.
  4. i love teh ali!
  5. Shoulder bag! I'd get it if I could justify it right now!
  6. Shoulder bag!
  7. Buy the Ali - I have it in black and whiskey!
  8. Ali! I have it in black leather and absolutely love it.
  9. Shoulder bag - have it in plum suede and whiskey. It's roomy without being huge, fits nicely on the shoulder and I love the look of the pockets. I'm not sure why, but the Ali has just never done it for me. I keep trying to fall in love with it, but I haven't been able to. I can't really pinpoint why though - I guess it's just personal taste!
  10. Shoulder bag. My mom has it in black and it's beautiful.
  11. I have the ali, but wish that I had gotten the shoulder bag...The flap annoys me, and it is a bit big for my needs. Both though are great bags. I still love my ali despite it all.
  12. Shoulder - I love that one!
  13. Try them on before buying. I myself prefer the shoulder bag! :smile:
  14. thanks for your help. looks like the shoulder bag is the one to have. i am going to try to get it tomorrow. hope my local store has one.