Please help me decide...Abbessee or Bastille ???

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  1. I went to LV shop today planning to buy my first LV bag...Abbessee...initially...:nuts:

    However, while I was in the shop, I asked the sales to show me the Bastille too. From what I thought and what people told me, Bastille is more for a guy, not a short girl (159cm) girl like me because of the checker pattern and the darker colour.

    BUT :sick: ...I found that I like Bastille too. It is shorter in wide and taller, more like a retangle shape, compared to Abbessee wider in length. The back zipped pocket in Bastille is more useful than the small opened pocket in Abbesses. However, Abbessee has cell phone pocket, while Bastille doesn't. Also, Bastille may be too small for a 15" laptop too.

    Can you expert give me some advice here? I like the Abbessee mono canvas but I think Bastille is smaller and suit me better.

    Do you all think Bastille is more like a guy bag compared to Abbessee?

    All advice and suggestion are welcomed...I really need help to make my decision...

  2. i personally think they both are very menly bags :lol:..
    my brother have the Damier Bastille.....but if you are looking for a roomy cross body messenger style bags then those bags would be a good choice.....but those bag actually are unisex ;)
  3. try the damier geant's still has a bit of the 'checker' pattern but much less subtle.
  4. Well I'm a guy and I have the Abbesses. I love it though. This is more of a personal decision on your part, your really the one that has to decide, if you feel that the Bastille is better for you, then go for it! One thing I love about the Bastille (and most Damier bags...) is the Terracoda lining! So fun! ^_^
  5. I know they all said these two bags are unisex...and I think I like them both (Unfortunately I can not afford both).

    Did you see which design is wearing by most girls on the street? From your experience?

  6. mostly are Monogram or Damier Musette