Please help me decide a summer bag

  1. hi everyone,

    My DH offered to get me a new purse:yahoo: . I need advice to choose between 2 purses that i have been eyeing . The first one is the new Chanel Paris Biarritz in Gold ( Large Tote) or the Natural Balenciaga GH Hobo. I have both reserved till monday and i am planning to make the purchase this weekend. Would appreciate your opinions :yes:
  2. Go for the Gold Biarritz, it is so beautiful and classy! :yes:
  3. Chanel Paris Biarritz gets my vote.
  4. If you're posting in the chanel forum..opinions are going to be biased :p

    If you're using it to go out for shopping, I say balenciaga hobo :p. The large pb tote is ginormous!
  5. I say the Bal hobo *runs and hides from egg throwers*
  6. I say the Balenciaga! I love both Balenciaga and Chanel. The Biarritz is not my favorite. . . and the Balenciaga has such gorgeous leather!
  7. yes, between these two, i say the b bag...hey, i wonder if the bal forum said the chanel:shrugs: ....hee hee:p
  8. this is so wierd. I am a traitor and also vote for the balenciaga.
  9. Beautylicious,erm_chan, alouette and south... thank you for your sound advice. Alouette im sure that no one will throw eggs at you;) . Erm_chan i know that i might get biased advice since it is the chanel forum . I was not sure where i should post this thread:confused1:

    Ok heres the thing i also have a 2 year old daughter and i put her stuff in my purse.However she is big enough that all i have to bring is the necessary stuff. Still confused:confused1: . I already saw the Balenciaga Hobo in cholina here in Bern. This weekend going to Zurich to check out the Biarritz . I really want another chanel maybe ill find something else there if i dont like the Paris Biarritz will keep you guys updated:yes:
  10. Hmm... I'm a Chanel girl myself, but have a bunch of Bal bags haha... in this case I would vote for the Bal, since I'm not too taken with the Biarritz tote myself. :smile: The hobo would be nice, or the City in natural would be pretty too (not a big GH fan, but the Natural City w/ GH hardware is a decent combo)! Good luck! :smile:

  11. Do you have pics to compare the two? That would be really helpful! :yes:
  12. Paris Biarritz in Gold definitely.. it'd be a pleasant change from all leather handbag :graucho:
  13. well, if you need a bigger bag, you could always get the larger b-bags! I like the city, work...I saw a shopper today and it was cute too!
  14. Most of my bags are chanel but I am not a fan of the Paris Biarritz line so I would have to say go for the Balenciaga Hobo.
  15. Biarritz!!! i have the petite shopper, the whole line is gorgeous and the gold is beautiful!!