Please help me decide a new summer bag

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  1. hi everyone,

    I posted this thread already in the chanel forum because i was not sure where to put this thread:confused1: . But i figured the more advice i get from a diversified group i would make a better decision to get my perfect summer purse... anyways its only once in a blue moon that my husband offers to buy me a purse:yahoo:

    I need advice to choose between 2 purses that i have been eyeing . The first one is the new Chanel Paris Biarritz in Gold ( Large Tote) or the Natural Balenciaga GH Hobo. I have both reserved till monday and i am planning to make the purchase this weekend. Would appreciate your opinions :yes:
  2. It's so sweet of your husband to offer to buy you a purse? Is it for a special occasion or "just because"?

    Anyhow, my vote goes to the Natural GH Hobo. I think it's a more versatile color and style :smile:
  3. I'm not loving the Chanel Biarritz bags, so I vote for the Balenciaga.
  4. natural GH hobo!
  5. The Balenciaga, hands down!
  6. I love chanel and balenciaga equally but my summer bags are balenciaga - white GH part-time and vert gazon GH city - there is no comparison!
  7. Giant hobo in natural all the way, I have the same style in white, vert gazon and aqua so you can tell how much i love this style!!! good luck!
  8. White GH PT :love: lucky girl! I would so love this bag.

    Okay, back to topic.............go for the Balenciaga!
  9. Thanks for the great advice will be heading off to the city soon to check on the natural city and the natural day in GH. At first i really did not like the GH hardware but i think its growing on me:p . Might go home with a bag might not we will see:confused1: . If i do my balenciaga collection is growing bigger than my other bag collections ( currently have BI part time and the blueberry twiggy which i both love:heart: ).

    Also for all the Natural GH owners here is it hard to keep clean since i am a little hard on my bags.

    Might have to make this purchase soon since my husband might change his mind... and yes it is a gift just because since he never buys me bags usually jewelry
  10. Another vote from me for the Balenciaga - I'm not a Chanel fan at all so am very biased :p

    I have a First in Natural and I think the colour is great! I imagine the handles will darken eventually but other than that I don't think the bag will show wear easily because of the tone of colour it is. With the Hobo style you will have much less of an issue with the handles anyway. Great bag!! :yahoo:

    Let us know what you decide!
  11. I'm a fan of balenciaga and do love some of the chanel styles but not the one u mentioned. Therefore, i prefer the GH natural day and it's great for during summer esp the color.....:smile:
  12. I would say go with CHANEL since u seem to already have alot of balenciagas already and u mentioned ur bags get alot of wear,the Biarritz line is made of a leather canvas type material and its waterproof and very durable...a great everyday bag,IMO! but i would suggest trying it on and see if it works for you! Good Luck!
  13. my vote goes to the Natural Balenciaga GH Hobo.just make sure the natural is the colour u wante!
  14. Balenciaga!!:woohoo:
  15. I agree, the colours seem to be a bit confusing and there seems to be confusion between the natural and the whites this season. One of our lovely pfers has a natural Giant hobo so do a search for her pics, that might help a bit!