Please help me decide a damier

  1. hi there, I saw all the posts here and can't help falling in love with the damier. It is classy, it is low maintenance (don't blame me since I have a running toddler:P )

    What i am looking for is:
    1. roomy enough to carry daily essentials and easy to reach things (I heard speedy's small opening and deep pockage is not convinient:crybaby:)

    2. I am petite so not the size of the bag can't be too big.

    3. Could be used a shoulder bag since I do need to free my hands when with my toddler)

    Any suggestions, ladies? Thanks!:heart:
  2. Maybe...Papillon 30? Or Saleya?
  3. Seleya PM?

  4. Is the Chelsea too big?
  5. ^^^ yup saleya pm.
    though I have the papillon 30 and is also perfect for me.... got two toddlers!
  6. I would also vote for the saleya PM! its pretty spacious too..
  7. *sniffles* But...but...the Speedy's the prettiest Damier in the WORLD...
  8. i have both the Papillon 30 and Duomo, and i love them! they can both hold a lot, and i can even fit the Duomo on my shoulder :yes:

    Papillon 30



  9. You girls rock!!! I was only away for 15 min and so many great suggestions already. Thanks everyone!

    I love both Saleya and Duomo, and i am very glad to know Duomo can be carried on my shoulder :smile:

    chealea's shoulder strips seem too long to me. The bag itself is very nice.

    more idea? The Uzès seems like a very nice bag. But I am afraid it is on the big side and also it is a bit pricy for me :sad:

  10. I know...I felt bad to leave it out of my choice:crybaby:
  11. The Uzes is pricey, but it is very comfortable actually bc it is less structured than some of the others mentioned. The front pockets are great too!
    I was going to mention it, but I would think I would seem like a broken record since I suggest it every time someone wants a Damier tote, but that's bc I :heart: it!
  12. you definitely need a saleya!!!!
  14. How about the bucket (Marais) doesnt fit too much stuff but is just right and b/c it has the open top....its easy to get into and it comes with a pouch...and the price is better than the Uzes or the Chealsea.....:smile:
  15. I say saleya or duomo
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