Please help me code this Chanel JM

  1. Hi guys, I am starting off by saying that I am SOOO mad at myself for not buying this amazing JM as soon as it was offered to me. Back then I was looking for the medium JM in lambskin and when my SA told me she had one in aged calfskin, I said I was going to think about it. Well, to make a long story short I couldnt get this bag out of my head for 4 months and when I finally decided I REALLY REALLY wanted it, of course, it was gone...silly, silly me for thinking it could still be available...

    Anyway, no one in Europe has this bag anymore, all JMs from last season are sold out completely. So I need to try to locate one in the States. Do any of you know know if it´s possible to find one just like this, with the Reissue chain ( which I looove so much ) and most of all, do you know the exact code for it? That will help me a lot while trying to locate one. I know the new JMs are coded A67133, and they come with the chain and leather shoulder straps. Do you happen to know if they also come with the Reissue chain straps?

    Any info and help would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks in advance, I´m so mad
    DSCN4902 (2).jpg
  2. I'm not a JM expert, but there is a thread on here specifically for JM where you might be able to trace the last time it was sold with a reissue chain. My feeling is that it has least been a year or two since they came with the bijoux chain. Good luck!
  3. Thank you, I am in love with this bag, it literally keeps me up all night. I can´t believe I din´t buy it when I had the chance. :pullhair:
    I have been told Chanel will make the new JM with the Reissue chain next summer. I hope it´s true :weird:
  4. anyone pls?