Please help me clean my diorama metallic woc

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  1. So I live in a quite humid atmosphere and I have worn my diorama metallic calfskin leather bag a lot and have had it for almost a year now. I have the light silver color diorama and I have just yesterday noticed a part of the front has gotten abit darker, I’m guessing this could be from the humid atmosphere and I don’t know how this can be treated ? IMG_8758.JPG
  2. Hmmm, I'd definitely contact Dior about this and before you try anything to clean it
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  3. I agree with @Greentea . I'm not sure if the darkening is just dirt which can be removed.
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  4. contact them meaning by website or email ? I’ve been thinking of going to the store maybe or to a professional person to clean it for me however I think I need to have the serial card that came with the bag in order for them to accept it which I have lost .

  5. Yes as I said earlier to @Greentea I have thought of going to the store and having them clean it maybe or a professional person however In order for them to accept it I need the serial number card that comes with the bag which i have lost :/ do you have any idea if they can still take my bag without the card ?
  6. Did you buy it from the boutique? If you did, then they can search for your proof of purchase using your phone number. This will mean you don't need the card.
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  7. Yes I have actually from London Selfridges. Ok that’s sounds great thank you
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