Please help me chose the colour for a mini Chyc Tote

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Which colour for a mini Chyc Tote?

  1. Poppy

  2. Light pink

  3. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. 1. Look at me 'Poppy' red
    2. Sweet Light Pink
    3. Good ol' Black

    I'm loving the red. I also like sky but unlikely to find it at this point.
    Help appreciated! :biggrin:
    322110_in_xl.jpg 8006924671_aa29312e32_z.jpg YSL-Black-Cabas-Chyc-Mini-Tote-Bag1.png
  2. Do you have black bags already? I love classic black but if you're in need of color I would choose the poppy. Red bags are also a weakness of mine but admittedly I can't get as much use out of a red bag than I can my black bags. I have the medium in black and am wearing it today. It's lovely. I have a poppy roady that I adore too. Can't go wrong with either!
  3. Love the light pink. It's kind of like a neutral. I'm personally not a fan of red bags because I feel any brightly coloured bag has limited usage (just my opinion and depends on your style). There are ways to do colour sometimes.. Like burgundy, a dark dark navy or forest green. Not a fan of pops of colour.
  4. Depends on what colors bags you already have. Without additional info, I pick poppy! Light pink looks like it is susceptible to dirt and color transfer.
  5. I voted light pink. It's a light neutral and I like the white stitching.
  6. Somehow for the ghw combination I like the black and red better, it just looks more classic.
  7. red is stunning, because it is a small bag I think it would be a subtle pop of colour, no too bright
  8. Thank you all for your comments. :ty:

    The other designer bags I have are in cream, black, fuchsia and tan.
    I have several black non-premier designer bags, one of which I wear often. Most of my good ones I don't wear as regularly, regardless of colour... so they don't wear out... or get colour transfer. I love green on other people, it's not a colour I pick first for myself though as there are usually other colours I like more. Not much of a brown, taupe or burgundy person.

    I'm worried the pink will be limited for light colored outfits, and I wear a lot of black...
    So I have my heart on the poppy ... Somehow it seems to really suit this particular bag. I'm waiting to see the colour in person this weekend to make sure it looks how I imagine. The pink definitely seems like a more popular colour, based on which ones sold out first. ;)

  9. I really like the red! It will definitely stand out!
  10. where are you going to buy the mini chyc? this morning i went to the boutique in Milan and they told me that it's sold out everywhere:sad:
  11. They still have some in Australia, the price is 2250AUD though :sad: they claim to have only received them two weeks ago, so is it possible there are still some floating around (the last deliveries from the AW 12) ...
  12. I know I won't wear red as much as the black one but I love the red more.
    I want to get both ! :devil::-s:blush:
  13. I am looking for the same bag in poppy red...and couldn't find it anywhere...
    Did you find one already? If you did, may I ask where you found it? Thanks a lot!
  14. I have seen all the colors you listed. Red really pops..gorgeous. Pink is little more subdued but very pretty. Black is a really nice black, and more of a classic bag you will never tire of. I have the black large so I can speak from personal experience. It's fabulous!! And will be for years to come!!

    If you can get both Black and Red since these may be obsolete in future with the change of YSL to SLP...I'd do it. Good luck with your decision.