Please help me choosing.

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  1. Number 1:



    Number 2:


    Silk. This is a little cheaper.

    Please help and please give me a reply asap!
  2. [​IMG]

    This is also an option, please help me, ladies! Heeeeeeeelp.
  3. I like the one with the handbags on it.

  4. I like the first one.
  5. I'm bidding on nr 3, and hope i'll get it. It's larger than the other two and i think it will look gorgeous with something less cute, like a grey longsleeve, a black leatherjacket, skinny jeans and my converse or a pair of ankleboots.
  6. Do you like/dislike number 3? It's vintage, what would YOU pay for it, maximum?
  7. I like the third one!
  8. I think the one with the handbags on it (#2) is adorable!!!
  9. Ok =). It's def. number 3 i want, i love it. Number two is now out of the question and number 1 has ended. But please, i still want to read what you think of the scarves (especially number 3)

    As the box don't comes with the scarf, how should i store it? All my other exsclusive scarfs i store in their boxes.
  10. Number Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. #3 :smile:
  12. Personally I like the first or third one.
  13. I like the first one.
  14. Ditto for the first one!
  15. I love the one with handbags on it. Where did you find this one?
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