Please help me chooseeeee!

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  1. I'm gonna buy a pair of open sneakers but couldnt choose which colour to get, please tell me your opinions😁😁

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  2. The mauve pink! I'm a sucker for that colour though so I'm biased :smile: It looks more on trend to me.
  3. I also prefer the mauve pink ones for some reason
  4. Mauve all the way!
  5. :love: Mauve!!! I want a pair too~ can you please tell me where I can order them? TIA :heart:
  6. I would go for the pink. I have the sneakers in camu butterfly. I do find my pair narrow compared to my other sneakers.
  7. I bought mine online- Farfetch. I've also seen Valentino trainers from Nordstrom and Neiman M.
  8. The first pair!! Love that mauve pink and I'm a sucker for abit of metallic! X