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Nov 16, 2013
Hi ladies, I need your precious help here! First of all, sorry for any mistakes that I could make but English is not my mother tongue (Italian speaking here!) I have been pretty a lurker here for a very long time but I think that some of you already know me by my IG profile (same nickname than here). I have a tiny but highly cherished collection of H scarves that I keep editing and that is happily growing through the years (sometimes months, sometimes weeks [emoji23] [emoji23]). Total sucker for Asian/Ethnic and modern/geometrical themes, Anne Faivre, along with Christine Henry and Aline Honore, is by far my fave artist and here is where dilemmas come. Mother Day is slowly approaching and my lovely poor DH kindly accepted tp gift me with a new scarf but I am totally into those two lovely pieces. As a fairly new collector I am often on the hunt for those treasures gone long ago and this means that sometimes I notice the new one only when they get out of stock[emoji13]
So, in your opinion which one would be a more appropriate choice? Don't want to spend more money on Jardin later if it happens to become a grail and I love its lavish borders full of animals and the intricate details of the leaves, but at the same time I am totally into this cw of Tresors that speaks to me of Arabian nights and of the jewels of an Indian Princess...
Screenshot_20170504-160709.png Screenshot_20170503-220615.png
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Oct 25, 2012
Maharani, provides for different looks depending on which scarf corners are shown. It's also crazy beautiful!
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May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
They are both very beautiful and quite regal but LJdlM will probably provide more versatility and hours of fun looking at that intricate animal border.

Perhaps go into the store and try many designs and cws on before deciding, scarves are so different on than in pics :graucho: