Please help me choose!!

  1. I don't know where to post this since Im a lover of both Chanel and LV. I ended up buying both of these beauties this week. Sadly I can only keep one as I have already reached my max this month or maybe this year, Lol (I have went on a shopping spree buying an Almm bb in hot pink, epi leather, a boy bag in caviar and a blue chevron mini flap in caviar) Anyway, If you ladies have to choose, bias aside, which would you choose and why. TIA!
  2. I would choose LV, I am not a big fan of SLG from Chanel, they look horribly worn after a while. I know a lot of Chanel fans devoted to LV SLG, too. :biggrin:
  3. +1 totally agree. Plus I find the LV shape easier to use with the flap.
  4. I would choose Chanel, I could see having this piece in my collection forever..
  5. LV. Is that grape empriente?
  6. LV of course!
  7. I prefer the Chanel, but I'm not personally familiar with how Chanel SLG's wear over time.
  8. LV that pop of color is gorgeous

  9. I guess having this is like having one of the classic flap. Its like a timeless piece

    When I tried both wallet, the Empreinte of course is more flexible and easier to maneuver since its made of soft leather. The chanel wallet is a bit stiffer given that its made of caviar.

    It is! I was looking for something pink to match my Alma bb but the Sarah wallet in epi leather is just too stiff so I opted for this and just love the vibrant color!

    I guess you can never go wrong with either

    Me too. I have Chanel bags made in Caviar but of course I never use them in a daily basis like a wallet🤔

    I know its gorgeous! Just in time for summer!

    You're right! Chanel lovers love them some LV SLGs. I did actually buy a key cles in empreinte as well in poppy color and it's color is gorgeous as well so Im wondering if that would suffice if I return the LV and keep the chanel since I have the key cles😄
  10. Definitely the LV. Empreinte wallets are beautiful and functional and so durable. My empreinte full-size Cuireuse in Havanese looks as beautiful as when I got it coming up on 2 years ago. Also, that beautiful pop of color is reason enough to choose LV! I don't find Chanel wallets to be durable or beautiful, sorry for being so blatantly candid.
  11. I prefer the LV because I love PINK! Lol.

    If the Chanel were pink I would have to think harder...

    I don't have any empriente piece, nor any Chanel wallet so I can't comment on which lasts longer.

    But for me, it's pink pink pink all the way!

    (that IS pink right? or is it purple?!? Either way, I like bright colors over black!)
  12. I like the chanel better, more classic and is absolutely gorgeous. I do love the LV pop of color and it is very fun but the chanel is my pick unless..... you can get one and put it away for a gift and use one now.
  13. Chanel!
  14. I love LV and Chanel bags. With wallets, I think LV is the way to go. The Chanel wallets are bulky because of the quilting. It unnecessarily takes up space. I have one Chanel wallet and chose lambskin because it is less bulky than caviar. I'm not inclined to get another Chanel wallet any time soon. I do like their simple cardholders. At the end of the day, I prefer LV slgs. I think another factor is that I find LVs more fun to match up and pair with other LV slgs.

    I would choose the LV wallet.
  15. LV !!! Love the color and shape .