please help me choose


black GST vs. aquamarine city

  1. black GST with silver hardware

  2. balenciaga aquamarine city

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  1. ladies... i need to choose between the two. i like them both equally.... but I have no money to buy both....:p

  2. Good luck with your decision, I know how hard it is to choose between you favorite bags:shame:
  3. Do you have any pictures of them? Once I see them, then I can decide.
  4. i don't know the GST bag :p
    but i'm a sucker for b bags! so i'll go for the aquamarine city! :yahoo:
    the colour is sooo pretty :yes:
  5. Ditto! :p
  6. Bbag for me - the GST is one of the Chanels that I don't care for very much - the CC logo is a bit too in your face for me.
  7. I voted for the aquamarine as the color is simply stunning!
  8. Chanel is timeless
  9. thanks for the vote ladies.... keep the votes coming....
  10. I really like that aquamarine city!!
  11. You should post photos for people:yes:
  12. I agree with Swanky. I have no idea what a GST is.
  13. Here's a GST, a.k.a Grand Shopping Tote by Chanel:
    DSCF1335.jpg DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg
  14. I'm not a big fan of that particular chanel bag...
    By default I say the aquamarine even though I have no idea what it looks like....
  15. Thanks Swanky! I vote the Chanel! That tote is so cute, and seems like a bag you could use much more often than the Balenciaga.