Please help me choose?

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  1. Bal.
  2. ...because...
  3. Because I like the way it looks. ;)

    I don't HAVE one....
  4. ok...and thanks...anyone else like to help?
  5. I like both bags but I think the Gucci Soho Disco has more milage because it's a lot more versatile, dressed-up or down. I guess it depends on your own style.
  6. While I love Bal, the toolkit weighs more than over 1.5 lbs. My Bal hip only weighs 8oz.
    The Gucci is just as cute, and if it's lighter, I'd go for that. I hate wearing heavy cross body bags.
  7. The Bal. :yes:
    It looks better and I like the 3 separate compartments on the inside.

    Not a fan of logos and that applies to the giant Gs on the side of the Gucci.
  8. Both are great choices. But the Gucci might suit your needs more. As has been mentioned before, it will dress up or down easily,and is lighter than the Bal. Whatever you choose will be the right choice for you. Have fun deciding!
  9. Gucci!! It can be your everyday bag and you can even carry it as an evening bag!! You can go to work with it as well :biggrin: I have a mini city balenciaga and I can only use it in daytime. Good luck deciding!
  10. Gucci, it looks like it can be more versatile. If you don't want to show the G's then turn the bag around. I don't really like the studding on the Bal
  11. I like the Bal as I'm not a fan of the big monogramming on the Gucci. That said, is the Bal Toolkit seriously that heavy? I'm so surprised to hear that for a Bal bag, but admittedly I've never tried one on. If it's that heavy then I wouldn't personally go for it.
  12. gucci
  13. The Bal!
    I don't like the big logo on the Gucci.
    On the other hand it looks very classic compared to the Bal....which I find "younger"....
  14. Love it