Please help me choose

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  1. Hi,

    I need a smaller bag. So I'm thinking of getting a Vernis pochette (either in Pomme or
    indian Rose) or the Favorite pm? Which one do you suggest?
    Those of you who have both, can u please input the pros n cons

  2. Love the vernis pochette!
  3. I had the Pochette in Rose indien and before I got it I could not stop myself and can't stop looking at the lV website searching about why is it so good.. And then I finally bought.. She's beautiful don't get me wrong.. But after 2 weeks I went back and changed my mind and got something else as I know I won't be using the Pochette NM in vernis as much as I thought I would.. Could not find anything to match any outfits..(must be just me)

    I say get the favourite PM in either mono or Damier ebene.. I have both and no regrets you can wear it casual or late night evenings so gorgeous! Plus you don't have to worry about the maintenance..
  4. Ok so far they are tied with one vote each! Anymore inputs? :biggrin:
  5. the vernis pochette is prettier in my eyes
    but the favorite is a little bigger
  6. I have the pochette nm in pomme and an Eva in mono. I use the Eva way more. I purchased the pochette in June and have only used her 4 times. If you're looking for something that will double as an everyday/casual bag and an evening purse, I'd say go with the favorite (I personally don't like the favorite's magnetic closure but if you're ok with that then cool).

    I do think the pochette in vernis is beautiful, more so than the favorite but just be aware that you'd probably use it less.

  7. Favorite.... It is more versatile.
  8. I have both in mono and the favorite is my pick.

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  9. I love pomme pochette so much, but for practicality favorite gets my vote.
  10. Vernis pochette in Rose Indien!!
  11. I have the Favorite MM and really like it..My vote is for the favorite!
  12. I love the Vernis Pochette . But feel you may get more use out of the Favorite. Canvas just seems easier to match outfits than Vernis.
  13. I would get the Favorite. It seems more practical. :smile:
  14. Thanks for the inputs. Looks like the favorite wins. :smile:
  15. The favorite is more practical but the vernis pochette is prettier.