Please help me choose!


Which bag should I buy next?

  1. Birkin 35 Black PHW Clemence

  2. Birkin 35 Geranium Togo

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  1. Geranium!
  2. if you asked for a pop color then you are ready for a pop color! so i vote geranium
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    Take Geranium my dear... Its a beautiful red..

    You'll be surprised to learn that red can work as a neutral too.. My first B was a red B (rubis swift) its a dark muted red. Like you, i bought it because of availability. I was surprised to learn how well red works as a neutral.. I can wear it with almost any color..
    Geranium is my latest B bought on my paris trip last may. While rubis is dark muted red, geranium is bright happy red.. Not as bright as RC.. But still a pop of red in my eyes..


  4. I would have to say Geranium too. I am a huge fan of red Hermes bags. There is something so striking about them.
  5. Definitely Geranium! Like others have said, you'll always be able to find black.
  6. geranium too..since vert de gris is your neutral so geranium can be your pop colour B!
  7. Very true .. Red can match with so many outfits :smile:
  8. What a beautiful dilemma to be offered 2 Birkins.:smile:I will pick Geranium because if you don't have a bright B yet and you're looking for one, Geranium is a pretty choice. Unless if you have a specific brighter color in mind. Black w/phw is edgy, modern classic and not boring.

    Don't think about which color will not be offered again in future. I'd say what's more important is of this moment which color you prefer most. I myself do not like some of the newer colors and prefer the older shades; it all depends.
  9. I think Geranium is a gorgeous colour addition to your blossoming collection! Black you can always get at a later date and in your dream gold hardware. Best of luck!
  10. Another vote for geranium
    For sure
    Gd luck to ur choice
  11. That's one beautiful bag all dress up!
  12. I think you are right. Red can work very well with my wardrobe and I believe can be use during any season of the year. Thanks for the pics, gorgeous bags!
  13. Well... will you still be pining over Black B with Gold hardware if you already have black B with Palladium hardware? If the answer is yes, then don't go for the black B PHW.
    Take the Geranium if you like it after you see it in person.
    That'll be my opinion. Good luck! :smile:
  14. Thank you daly15 :hugs:.
    Yes red is a year round color IMO. If i were you i would get the geranium PHW and wait for a black with GHW instead..
  15. geraniummmmmm all the turning back...