Please help me choose

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  1. My birthday is coming up and would love to buy a new bag. Not sure on what to get and I'm asking you lovely ladies to help me decide :biggrin: I'm looking for an everyday bag. I'm trying not to get any speedy/boston bags since I own 4 already (but my eyes keep looking at them :nuts: and wanting for more) Maybe like a top handle with strap. Please help me choose or if you have any good suggestions. I'm trying to keep it under $1300. Thanks ladies!!

    Black Boston


    Brown Boston


    Sukey (not sure what color, i already have two other bag fabrics with white trim)


    LV Almo Ebene
  2. I would go with the Sukey Boston because it's different since you've already owned 4 speedy/Boston shape. My second choice would be the LV but you would have to buy the strap separately. However, LV would be the most durable so that's something to think about.
  3. ...and I also saw this.....waaaaaaahhh so confused


  4. Leather against 2 canvas bags no contest :tispy:- I would go for the all-leather Bostons every time, they will last you a lifetime.

    Get your self down to Gucci and try on the Bostons (if you can) and see which colour suits you better. I like the camel nubuck, it's a subtler version of the the web-stripe but prob less practical to keep nice.
  5. Since you're already partial to Bostons, I would go with the Brown Boston. It's a really unique and different looking Boston. I'd love to add this one to my collection as well.
  6. I would get the Alma
  7. Brown Boston :heart: Hey, you like what you like and if you're a Boston bag loving girl, that's just fine.
  8. I like choice number one!!!! I have it and it is sooooo hot!!!
  9. ITA...I know that's right!!! I am such a boston/speedy girl and I don't deny it!!!!:yahoo:
  10. My first choice will be black boston in leather.. (however if you already have several of the boston then I will say sukey Boston (since it is canvas fabric and it will be softer, so it will be a little twist to the boston style).
  11. I vote for the Ebene Alma. It's such a classic and stylish hand bag. Also, the Ebene Damier can be worn all year-round, especially during inclement weather; no need to worry about carrying it in the rain or snow during the Fall/Winter months.
  12. I like the Brown Boston--it will go great with Fall clothes (and actually year-round too). It's such a classic color.
  13. #1 then #3
  14. Black or Brown Boston... I just love them...
  15. #1 Black Boston