Please help me choose

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  1. Neverfull or Galleria - something special for my birthday - thank you I would be using it for daily use in my bag rotation.
  2. Galliera for me!
  3. i vote for the galliera......
  4. What does your average day look like? That would influence my preference. For me - NF is more practical. But I do love the galleria
  5. average day is helping with DH business, running around town, grown child so no issues on that front. Would not use it for travel since both are open just a general go to bag Also was thinking the monogram canvas for either so can use year round
  6. Galliera....VERY comfortable:smile:
  7. I vote Galliera since I prefer the NF GM only and as a tote, not a bag. The Galliera is so comfortable to wear and so darn pretty.
  8. Galliera!
  9. Galliera
  10. #10 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    well I think the LV world has spoken Galliera seems to be the FAV...I would assume that I would be safe with the classic monogram style Also since Iam only 5ft I would be getting the smaller one or is that to small I do not mind a large bag
  11. galliera! i had both of these bags and sold my was too plain and too similar to a beach i decided to get something that looked closer to a real purse- the galliera. the galliera also has a magnet closure which actually makes the bag pretty secured.
  12. Galliera!
  13. Galliera! Thicker strap much more comfortable!
  14. Galliera is a perfect bag for everyday! I love mine and the mm is perfect - carries everything but not to big. I like the neverfull only in gm for traveling or summer when you carry EVERYTHING! Good luck.
  15. NF I know i am in the minority but I don't like the galliera I had one and sold it.