Please help me choose!!!

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  1. Hello everyone!!!

    Im turning 37 soon... yikes!!!

    SO, for a birthday present , i can't decide amongst the following:

    YSL Zip hobo in nude

    YSL besace in degrade olive / brown

    YSL besace in brown bubbly leather

    YSL besace in Teal bubbly leather

    Please help...

    I just need one or at the most two.
    thanks in advance;)
  2. great age, no Yikes there :biggrin::drinkup:

    my choices would be

    YSL besace in brown bubbly leather

    YSL besace in Teal bubbly leather
  3. i personally prefer hobos over most bags, so the zip hobo for me...

    but it seems like you really like the besace, and it's a matter of color. why don't go for the classic choice - i think the brown would be great.
  4. I agree with thithi, it seems like you are leaning toward a besace. Therefore, I would suggest one of those in a color you like. Personally, I love YSL's degrade/ombre options, and green is my favorite color, so I'd go for the green degrade. However, since it is for you, you should choose your favorite color and most useful.

    Please though, read about the different leathers, as I recall reading on this YSL subforum about some tpf-ers having problems with some of the besace leathers. GL and please post photos!

  5. YSL presents so many dilemmas.......we just can't choose one!

    Have you had the opportunity to try either one on? I've yet to try the besace, but I think it would be a fun casual bag. The olive / brown or brown seems like a good neutral choice for the besace, though I know what you mean about the nude zip's very tempting. Sorry, I'm not much help.................
  6. YSL besace in Teal, beautiful color and besace and downtown is next on my list to get.
  7. Love either the brown or teal besace. I have one in navy and LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  8. hi guys.
    thanks for all the sweet posts...

    I finally decided on the following for my b day:

    1. trib too in black with turquoise sole
    2. YSL rive gauche in cream
    3. YSL muse two in blue

    I passed on both the zip hobo and besace as I think the rive gauche being cream and the zip hobo being bone/ nude , it will be similar.

    the besace is too cute, but i don't know if i will carry it well...:P
    so i got the classic Rive gauche and muse two for now.
    I sold a raspberry muse last year as it also seem not me... for some reason.

    Thanks for all the help.
  9. Congrats! Please post pictures in the Ref Library, I would love to see those 2 bags and the shoes!!!
  10. Can't wait to see your pics!!