Please HELP me choose!!!!!!!!

  1. Which one do you like better?Coach 1...Coach 2
    Feedback needed thanks ladies!:heart:
  2. I love love love the leather one!!
  3. Coach 2 Good luck, I know how you feel. We love them all!!!!!
  4. They're both pretty but I prefer the 2nd one!:yes:
  5. i love the second one :smile:
    good luck deciding.
  6. I prefer the first one - pebbled leather carryall.

    Let us know which one you decide on....
  7. I'm a signature gal...soo I like choice #2. Which ever you pick you'll love.
  8. honestly i like the pebble leather. but! it can't be cleaned or moisturized. the cleaning for a brown bag like that is fine, but the moisturizing part makes me hesitant. leather needs moisturizing - otherwise it would crack and get dry + stiff.

    if this helps

    the signature brown in that style was the best seller in my store, sold out of it within a week of putting it on the floor. there are a lot of them, but this particular color always sells best and sells out (this was the same color used for the hobo with braid and suede strap, which was also sold out previous season)

    if you want both, don't mind waiting, and spending a little more, i'd get the signature one first, then wait for the pebbled one to hit outlet.

    i assume that the pebble will hit outlet first over signature because a lot of people prefer signature over leather. and signature line usually sells more too.

    but that's my opinon! you never know..
  9. Thanks for the opinions ladies KEEP THEM COMMING!!!!! Im going tomm to buy one!!!
  10. I prefer leather, so I would pick #1! But if you like signature more, then #2 is great too! Good luck!
  11. I have this coach bag right now My bag do you think the number 2 bag I showed is much of an upgrade????
  12. I don't think it is too much of an upgrade-they are very different and I really love the 2nd bag- I am thinking about getting one myself!:yes:
  13. The carryall is much bigger than the duffle. I don't "upgrade" every time I get a bag sometimes it's smaller then the previous one I bought or less expensive. I dont have any all leather bags yet but I'm planning on getting the legacy leather flap. All mine are signature, patchwork, or the satiny fabrics and they range from hobos, flaps, to totes. So I don't really know what you mean by upgrade??
  14. The second one!! I was actually considering buying that one too!!
  15. They are both so beautiful but i like the 2nd one better!!