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I have four new bags and need some assistance deciding which to keep. For day, I like large, tote-style bags (I have a 35 cm birkin, an hermes PB 37 cm tote, a cerf tote, and a reissue tote). However, for going out, I do need a few shoulder bags. I like larger bags, though I acknowledge that, for dressy events, I need a smaller bag. I have acquired (all from Saks, believe it or not!)

1. Maxi black caviar w/ SHW;
2. Lamb jumbo (12") hybrid with traditional chain and mm. clasp
3. Matte black reissue 227 w/ SHW; and
4. Metallic black reissue 226 w/ polished SHW.

Ideally, I would like to keep two of these bags. Can anyone offer an opinion? TIA!
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Mar 14, 2009
Number 1 for sure. -- I am not a big fan of the mademoiselle clasp (love the look, don't like it in action), so I definitely wouldn't want both of your choises to have that clasp.

And the other it a hard choice, but I guess I would also say #4.


Ok, it seems that the maxi and the 226 are popular recommendations. Anyone for the 227 or the lambskin hybrid? Or any other opinions?


Nov 26, 2006
I would keep #1 (the black Maxi) and #3 (the black 227 reissue). The 227 is a great practical size, and I love the matte black vintage calfskin leather.


Thanks, Ladies! Any reasons why you don't prefer the hybrid? Is it the aesthetics or the fact that it's lamb?

Purseinsanity, would your answer be different if the maxi were lambskin? I know you're not wild about caviar...


May 8, 2006
OC, California, USA
Given what you wrote, I'd choose #1 and 4. Only because you like large bags, hence the maxi. And #4 for evenings.

I'm not crazy about #2, because I think the best part about the classic jumbo is the combo of classic chain and CC lock. The MM lock just doesn't work as well with the classic chain, IMHO. If I were to get a jumbo, and in lamb, I'd get the dazzling classic lamb jumbo! It's beyond gorgeous! And if you love big bags, get the maxi! But no hybrid. lol.

Between #3 and 4, I love love love both, but the 226 size is better transition from day into evening. The 227 might be too big for evening.


^^ Thanks, ocgirl. Very helpful, everyone. Perhaps I need to keep everything except the poor wallet....

I think someone was looking for the hybrid. If you're interested, please let me know. If I decide to return it, I will give you my S5A SA information.


Nov 4, 2007
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Ok I am not a huge fan of the hybrids though I do like lambskin. I think the black caviar maxi is gorgeous as it is also on my wish list to be purchased at some point, it is large enough to be carried as an everyday shoulder bag plus it can be dressed up or down. And the 226 reisssue would be gorgeous for evenings because of it's metallic leather and the size. Hope this helps

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Mar 19, 2008
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Another vote for #3 and #4. Not a cavair fan nor a hybrid fan. I prefer lambskin over cavair and the hybrid just doesn't look good IMHO.