Please help me choose!!!

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  1. I'm 5'6 115lbs, which one should I get for my frame and why do you prefer one over the rest?

    For those who have seen it in person, please give me your input! I'm looking for an everyday bag :smile: Thanks in advance!
    Black_EW Tote_.JPG East_West_Black_Tote_3350.JPG black_ew_flap.JPG grey GST 2125.JPG
  2. By the way, the first two pics are the same bag >> $3350
    Is is really worth that price??

    The third pic - I'm not sure how much it is.

    The fourth pic - Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in grey $2125
  3. I like the GST, but the third one is cute too.
  4. Gst
  5. i have the 08 s/s least-west large accordion flap in white, similar to the one in your third pic. I remember it comes in two sizes, small and large so i'm not sure which size that you are having on your mind of getting? I also have a patent burgundy gst from A08. if i have to choose one among the three, i would probably go with the gst, it fits a lot more and is a great everyday day for work/school, very organized and functional, only thing that bugs me a bit is that the straps keep falling off my shoulder, HTH, g/l deciding :P
  6. oh, forgot to mention that i'm 5'4 and 110 lbs, both gst and the accordion flap seem an okay size on me, not sure about the tote in the first pic though :confused1:
  7. i'll go the last one...cuz classic
  8. Agree with the ladies here- get the GST since its such a classic!

    YOU'll still love it decades on :tup:
  9. I like the Tote in Pic 1. I like the softer texture and look of the bag. The GST is too boxy, it is a practical bag without the aesthetic value of the first one.
  10. GST for sure.its more of the classic. personally, i do not like the first bag..
  11. I highly prefer the classic GST! Good luck w/ your decision.
  12. Classic GST!
  13. You can't go wrong with any chanel but I think in my opinion the first one is a little bit bulky looking and has a little bit too much going on. For an everyday bag of the three I would choose the GST, but you have to chose the one you like..........:heart:H
  14. I vote for the GST. It's such a classic bag. I like the third bag as well but my first choice would be the GST. Good luck!
  15. tote in the first pic!!!!