Please Help me Choose

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Do I choose white gold solitires or yellow gold

  1. White Gold

  2. Yellow Gold

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I would like to buy a 1 carat diamond earrings ie 50 cents each --am so unsure whether to go for white gold or yellow gold .I am in my forties and this will be my once in a lifetime purchase .
    Please help me choose.
    Thanks a ton
  2. i like white, it emphasizes the diamond. if you change your mind someday, it is a relatively inexpensive thing to change it to another setting.
  3. Every piece of jewelry I own is white gold or platinum so I voted for white gold. I think that with yellow gold it sometimes casts a yellowish shadow on the diamond so it's true, crystalline color isn't as nice.
  4. White. :yes: I think it will enhance the colour of the diamond.
  5. White without a doubt!!!!!!! It's far more classy and it will make diamond look bigger

  6. WHITE WHITE WHITE lol :smile:
  7. I love white!
  8. My diamond studs (also 1cttw) are in a white gold prong setting. It's very subtle and I don't find it a problem to wear the earrings with a gold pendant. The WG looks really nice with the diamonds- you can just barely see the prongs.
  9. I also vote for white gold as it sets off the diamonds so much nicer than yellow gold.
  10. white gold, without a doubt!
  11. I have both, although the ladies here are right, the diamond looks better with whitegold, when i wear my yellow gold set, i just feel more comfortable with the yellow gold diamond studs. But it can be only me:smile:
  12. Personally I think white diamonds look better with white gold or platinum. However, whichever you choose, the setting won't show much on stud earrings. so neither would be a mistake.
  13. I like it set in yellow gold. It makes the diamond color pop IMO:girlsigh:
  14. I prefer white and that is what I always go for, but as someone said. It will probably not even show.
  15. i'd go for white gold.