Please help me choose!

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  1. I feel really torn. I have been told by my husband and in-laws that they want to buy me a Louis Vuitton bag for my upcoming (May) graduation from law school. I can't decide between the following 3 bags:

    Speedy 30 - Monogram

    Papillon 26 - Monogram

    Papillon 26 - Damier

    I'm familiar with the speedy, but I've never actually held a Papillon. Can anyone here who has one tell me how you like it, what it can hold, etc.?

    It just occurred to me that this is really quite a fabulous dilemma to be having. :biggrin:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. A couple of days ago I was in a LV store debating between the Speedy 30 and the Damier Papillon. I decided to go with the Speedy 30 because it holds more and is more of an everyday bag.
  3. Of course its all personal preferance.

    I prefer the speedy 25 it doesn't sag that much. My favorite bag is the Damier 25 papillon. I don't carry alot, lv check book, LV tressor wallet, small make up case, tissues, 2 sets of keys, pens and there is still room for a little more. I always say you need a LV day, walk into the store, put your items in the bags you love and have alot of fun deciding.
  4. Yeah, I definitely plan on going to the store and checking them all out. I'm really excited actually.
  5. I think the papillon feels kinda awkward when its over your shoulder- like your arm has to stick out.

    I always wanted a papillon and thought the speedy was kinda boring. Unitl I got a speedy and I love it- I think its easy to carry and it holds SO much.
  6. the damier papillon. :smile:
  7. I really love the uniqueness of the damier papillon. I don't think I have ever seen anyone with one.
  8. I've got a speedy 30, totally love it, it fits lots in it! :nuts:
  9. I would definitely choose damier over monogram. Since you might like the speedy, maybe you should continue waiting for the damier speedy a little bit longer? When I last went, I was told that they would have them in before the summer ... but you know how estimates go. I prefer the papillion to the speedy though. :biggrin:
  10. I would say Speedy as it is larger and more practical a bag, the papillion's shape is kind of strange and it doesn't seem as mature at times.
  11. get the damier.. coz the canvas's handle can get dirty.. OR better yet why don't you try to order the Speedy Damier from one of the LV store.. it would be really special, and they'll make it in 3 to 6 months time.. So it will be in time for your graduation. And I believe it's only $100 more expensive from the speedy canvas... I think it'll be around $600.
  12. I love the speedy 30! It is spacious I can put a shrug and other junks and even snacks!!! That is if you too have a lot of stuff to carry.=P
  13. I thought they stopped taking special orders since they Damier Speedy is becoming part of the permanent line around March'ish 06?

    I would still wait for the Damier Speedy or go with the Damier Papillon. I think they're classier looking especially being in such a professional field! BTW, congrats!:P
  14. I don't know about that.. Well.. somebody should an LV store and ask about it coz I've been getting different responses from different stores. Isn't that wierd?
  15. a girl on the LJ group handbag_fetish posted a copy of an email that she got from LV customer service saying that no more SOs for damier speedys will be taken because they will become part of the standard assortment summer '06