Please help me choose. . .

  1. I am deciding (obsessing)on a bag for birthday (next month) and need expert advice! This will be my 2nd Chanel bag (I have a black caviar GST) and think it would be nice to have something smaller to wear on a Sat. night with jeans or cute dress. I don't need anything for formal or cocktail right now. I would also love to be able to wear it with a suit or dress to the occasional luncheon, shower, etc.

    I have been looking at the pochette (I think its called the e/w bag on tPF) in black caviar. What do you think? I also looked at the small flap yesterday, but am not sure for my purposes it is worth the price difference. Am I wrong? Any other suggestions? Please help - I only have one month more to obsess over this! Thanks!!:flowers:
  2. Hi Lily - If you already had a black caviar GST I would recommend a M/L black flap in lambskin with hardware that is different from your GST. It goes well with everything and perfect for evening. I prefer the M/L over the E/W because of the double straps but that's just me.
  3. Have you thought about the timeless clutch. Perfect for the events that you describe needing it for :smile:

    happy choosing, its great deciding which bag you are going to go for! :biggrin:
  4. I think a small black lambskin flap would be perfect, I love mine (which is actually a baby classic), in my opinion it looks so cute, flirty and sophisicated with jeans and little dresses which is what I wear mine with all the time.
  5. i recommend a medium flap
  6. I couldn't agree more! or else I'd suggest a 226 black reissue with G/H !These two styles /leather are the ultimate classics!:yes:
  7. I recommend EW flap. Get the double strap with little back pocket. It's really cute with jean. It's semi casual and semi formal, perfect for evening.
  8. I recommend a dark silver reissue in 225 or 226, the perfect bag for evenings out and a nice change from black Chanel.
  9. I think a M/L black flap in lambskin would be perfect! I prefer the M/L shape over E/W. :love:
  10. Hi! :smile: Ohhh, wow, what a fabulous birthday present! :heart: IMO, the e/w, or medium classic flap would be a great choice! :tup: Also, if you're looking to take the bag out and have fun, I would go with caviar, because lambskin would require more tlc hehe. :heart:

    I do understand what you mean about the price difference between the two possibly not warranting the purchase of a medium flap... there is a pretty big difference price wise! :sweatdrop: I actually love both medium and e/w flaps, but for me, the medium flap is the most classic, gorgeous flap there is, so I would probably go with that. :love: If you don't plan to purchase many flaps and want a stunning all purpose (casual dressy to dressy to formal bag), the medium flap fits that bill! :heart: I do love the e/w too, but I just happen to love the looks of the medium flap a bit more haha... anyway, you really can't go wrong with either, so good luck deciding! :tup:
  11. Well, now another trip back to Saks to compare the m/l flap and the e/w flap. Also, I was a bit confused by one of the posts. I thought the e/w didn't have a pocket or the inner flap like the regular flaps. Any help w/ this?
  12. If you see two flaps, it's either small or medium size. EW has only one flap. If you see single chain on EW, it's caviar/lambskin with leather interwoven chain. EW with double chain comes in perforated leather, metallic lambskin, python and caviar/lambskin with bijoux chain.

    I have EW metallic lambskin with back pocket and double chain. I am not sure if other double chain EW has back pocket.

    Good luck :smile:
  13. Thank you for the explanation. It really helps! I don't know if my Saks has a great selection, but I will go back and look again. The SA is probably going to think I'm absolutely crazy! I guess it comes down to what I like best and what I think I will be happy with down the road. This forum is particularly helpful with the second part - hearing other people's opinions and reasoning is great.
  14. U may want to go to the store to try e/w, small & medium flap, decides which suits u best. Personally i wuld prefer a medium flap, i do have a e/w flap and love it.
  15. I would say the medium / large flap or a timeless clutch if you don't mind holding it in your hand. Both these bags are classic looking Chanel and both are beautiful!