Please Help Me Choose!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Im torn between these two bags. I need help deciding. Which bag do you like better?

    The Coach Carly or the Burberry small hand held bag?
    10619_BKHE3_t.jpg 0444395329009_275x275.jpg 0444395329009_A1_275x275.jpg
  2. Def burberry.... love it x
  3. Keep the opinions coming ladies!
  4. Carly
  5. I like the Coach better. The shape of the Carly does it for me.
  6. So that's 2 for Coach and 1 for Burberry. Aghhh I can't decide keep the votes coming ladies thanks.
  7. I LOVE Coach; have tons of Coach eerything. I just hate the Carly and don't really know why. The Burberry is cute, but I don't think it is very versatile. Obviously I am really NO help. If I had to chose from these two...

    Drum roll please...

    The Carly wins out. It's a much more "user friendly" bag IMO. For me, the burberry would sit around in my closet and not get used much.
  8. Between the two, I'd go for the Coach. I don't like hand held bags though. Have you thought about getting a Carly in leather? Same price, I think and maybe more versatile/long lasting? I don't do fabric bags, so maybe the fabric holds up okay. I don't know, just throwing it out there.
  9. I like the Coach best
  10. I like the coach best but I would personally perfer it in all leather! Check it out! I love it! I want the one in all red leather! I have too much with the signature logo that's why! Hopefully someone will give to me for X-mas! LOL The burberry has no style! It's boring!
  11. I'd go for the coach. It would definitely be the one I would use more.
  12. Another vote for Burberry here!
  13. I like the Coach Carly much better than Burberry.
  14. I like Burberry.
  15. I like the shape of the Coach better, but I'm not loving the HUGE logo on it. The Burberry is cute but...but...just not grabbing me. Maybe because it looks so small (and for me, small = impractical). How about the Carly in leather, like elizabethd1012 suggested?