Please help me choose!

  1. Hello everyone,

    This is my first post into the forum, and I could really use some help making a decision between:

    Louis Vuitton Manhattan
    Salvatore Ferragamo Black Patent tote

    Would welcome feedback from anyone, especially folks who have purchased one of these!


    louis manhattan.jpg ferragammo.jpg
  2. I like the Ferragamo, and think it will look great for Fall and Winter..
  3. Welcome!:welcome:
    and tough choice for me...
    I actually love them both!
    so I would say... depend on the use you want,
    The LV for me is more of a day bag and the ferragamo more formal.
    I got LV monograms and love them but I do need a nice black bag so
    If it was me I'd go for the Ferragamo.
  4. I would go with the LV Manhattan
  5. i pick the LV, not too fond of patent leather bags......
  6. I'm a huge fan of Ferragamo. Haven't hit LV yet so I'm completely unaware of the lines.

    Just from looking at the two bags, I prefer the Ferragamo!
  7. I don't own any LV, but I have several Ferragamo. They hold up well, so I say go with the Ferragamo. I also like the style of the Ferragamo. I think Marc Jacobs is doing too much blending of the LV brand and the Marc Jacobs brand.
  8. Like them both, but prefer the Ferragamo
  9. I like the Manhattan better, but they're both beautiful!
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will let you know which one I choose!
  11. Ferragamo Black Patent tote for me..... i love LV but this one's style is too common!
  12. I prefer the Ferragamo, but I can see the LV making a better day to day bag...
  13. LV manhattan gets my vote hands down.
  14. I prefer the Ferragamo. I think it is a very classic and versatile style.
  15. This is hard I don't like logo really so my personal choice would be the ferragamo but i like the LV shape.