Please help me choose...

  1. Hi,
    I have been planning to buy LV Damier Canvas bag for three years now but I always bought a different one instead as I was always thinking that this style won´t sell out while the other bags I liked were only seasonal thing..Now I really want to go for it as I can´t wait any longer but Im not sure which style to buy...Please help me make up my mind, i would love to know what you think or which bag would you buy..

    I´m 5,3 tall, US size 8 (ouch!) with dark blond hair, my style is quite casual, most of the days I wear jeans even to work although need to look smart for meetings with clients and love to dress up for an occasion if it helps..Thanks a lot for any opinion!!! Really appreciate it!:heart:

    Its now between:
    - Speedy 25 or 30 (I already have Speedy 25 in Monogram Cherry and it´s the bag I´m wearing the most as I love it but maybe I should get one which looks more different from my Cherry one..)
    - the new Trevi (need to see it in person to decide what size propably, I really like the shape and the fact that you can wear it in your hand as well as on your shoulder, however its the most expensive one)
    - Ribera MM
    LV Trevi.jpg LV damier canvas speedy 25, 300 liber.jpg LV damier canvas speedy 30, 310 liber.jpg LV riberra, 535 liber.jpg
  2. Ribera MM gets my vote......
  3. I saw the Riberia MM at the LV boutique yesterday and I LOVE it. I also really like the Speedy 30. They're both handheld, and relatively close in size. The one major difference that comes to mind is price. So that would be my tie breaker. Even though the Riberia is really pretty, for the money I'd probably get the Speedy, but that's just me.
  4. I like the Trevi since it can be carried a few different ways, depending on the size you get. I love that it also has a cellphone pocket, so that's another plus for the Trevi, IMO.
  5. Oh! am not a fan of Trevi and Ribera so I vote for a speedy.
  6. I vote for speedy
  7. Ribera
  8. Trevi-- it looks really neat and versatile.
  9. Since you already have a speedy i would get the Ribera.