please help me choose.......................

  1. Ok I am going to LV tomm, I have a black gm neo cabby on hold. I had the mm and exchanged it for the didnt work out for me. I have wanted a mono bag for a while and I was wondering should I get my first mono bag and a carry all, or just get the neo cabby. I would get the lock it H and a carry all or the cabby gm. I feel kinda guilty spending 1720 plus tax on denim, but I do love the bag
  2. Get the mono Speedy or BH and the Carryall, and get the LE bag when you are ready:yes:
  3. I agree. :yes: :yes:
  4. i would prefer the neo cabby first.. b'cos not knowing how long it will be available.. the monogram canvas are always available so it easiler to get it in future.
  5. Get the cabby,gal!
  6. Get the mono items first...the trevi is of a similar design to the neo cabby;) I would try a few items on and see what you think...good luck and don't forget to post photos:heart:
  7. I want the cabby,but its over 1800 with tax for denim.Im probaly gonna get it but complain about the price. I mean a Chanel leather gst is 1895. ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. I'd go fot the lockit Horizontal and the Cabby. The carryall you can always get. This way you get two bags that you really love. good luck and post pics afterwards! :smile:
  9. Go for the lockit and carryall.