Please help me choose

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  1. So I've narrowed my search for my next man bag down to the following:

    Neverfull GM
    Keepall 45- maybe a little to big?

    so which would you pick for me or do you have anything else in mind?
  2. neverfull then the carryall
  3. Couguar...without a doubt.
  4. Neverfull! :tup:
  5. Couguar
  6. one more vote for couguar
  7. Couguar vote here too.
  8. Another Couguar vote! My friend just got one and it's awesome :tup:
  9. IMHO the Neverfull is a tad too feminine to be a manbag...

    I vote towards the Couguar, then Carryall.
  10. hmm..what does the cougar look like??
  11. Couguar...I think the neverull is too girly.
  12. i really do love the couguar! I just have to decide, black or terre?
  13. carryall.
  14. Get the black! It looks really sophisticated IMO. Plus no vachetta!
  15. second that!